Owl: Sheriff Ill After Being Forced to Enter Ebola Apartment — CDC Criminally Irresponsible?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

When this gets out in the cop community, it’s going to  be much harder to make them get ebola infected people out of the community:

Breaking: Sheriff’s Deputy Who Was Forced to Enter Ebola Apartment Falls Ill

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but an expert observer tells us that CDC is lying to the President and to DHS when it recommends the N-95 mask that is effective to .3 microns. Ebola, we are told, is now airborne and is at the .08 micron level — roughly one third smaller than the containment offered by the prescribed mask. Is this criminal irresponsibility?  We think so. Below we repeat the health professional’s comment:

I believe CDC and WHO are more concerned with controlling mass hysteria than actual infection control. Once people start fearing the worst, they’ll start exhibiting symptoms. Those will be real enough symptoms, regardless of whether or not there’s a genuine causative agent. Mass “casualties” will overwhelm the system – quick.

It’s also a matter of physics – an N-95 mask, the current CDC and WHO recommendation, is 95% effective on particles .3 microns and larger. Ebola is .08 microns across. Simple. Even so, with 200 million organisms expelled on any given cough, at 5% infiltration, you’ve got 10 million. To infect, you need from 1 to 10 – not one to ten million, but 1 to 10 – period. Odds are pretty good one will get through – in either direction.

But, they’ve distributed N-95 masks and are scared shitless that health care workers are going to refuse to put themselves and their families at risk. We’ve seen plenty of that in west Africa, we’ll see much the same here.

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