Robert Steele: Ebola, ISIS, & Dysfunctional Government

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

We have a perfect storm in the making. Among the ingredients:

01 Ebola for real — contagious, airborne, mutating.

02 Ebola from Fort Detrick — weaponized, perhaps planted in Africa and Venezuela.

03 Health “professionals” committing treason (CDC) and generally betraying the public trust (Spain, everywhere else).

04 Neo-cons, Zionists, Saudi Wahabbists, and  Turks intent on luring the USA into another ground war in the Middle East for varied reasons including profiteering, electioneering, as a distraction for internal disidents and as a cover for eradicating the Kurds (which is not possible).

05 Republicans that see the dysfunctionality of the Obama Administration on Ebola and ISIS as the perfect foundation for taking over the Senate in November.

06 Rogue elements of the US Government all too happy to use Ebola to dry run new martial law procedures.

07 Local law enforcement personnel fearful of Ebola on the one hand — to the point of refusing to contain — and being directed in an over-zealous manner using Ebola as a cover for achieving other disruptive ends.

Missing — unavailable to the Obama Administration — is intelligence with integrity — reliable, timely, truthful, actionable decision-support, to include robust counterintelligence against the fear-mongers and provacateurs that seek to use the Ebola threat as a means of mounting a virtual coup — another one, similar to the one the mounted over Iraq.

There are two things the Obama Administration could do to rescue its final two years in office.

01 Sponsor the Electoral Reform Act this month, and make its passage a litmus test issue for the November 2014 elections.

02 Sponsor the Open Source Agency, funded by DoD, under diplomatic auspices, firewalled against all saboteurs.

The below pieces captures the dysfunctionality of industrial-era organizations that lack intelligence with integrity.

Ebola in Europe: What Went Wrong

More ISIS War Propaganda: Cell Planned Beheadings on Streets of London

In Spain, where a nurse came down with the extremely contagious disease, all the people concerned are trying to prove they did nothing wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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