Robert Steele: Ebola Today – Alex Jones Today UPDATE: Vaccines, Earth Healing

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

UPDATE 7 OCT 14 to add vaccines and vitamin c, infection and mutation rate, additional references from Berto Jongman, Marcus Aurelius, and Owl.

From where I sit, there are four threads to be explored in relation to Ebola; I will be discussing these with Alex Jones at 1 pm EST tomorrow.

01 CDC incompetence and outright treason — malicious deception and misinformation

02 Saudi importation of Ebola via diplomatic pouch and the infection of 20 Saudi students hidden among the 100,000 or so that are already in the US, entrenched, and invisible to US counterintelligence and what passes for homeland security

03 False flag treason by rogue elements of the US Government perhaps funded covertly by rogue private sector elements, NOT approved by the White House or the Cabinet level — possibly the same people that could have unleashed Ebola in Africa as a test of the new weaponized variations for which vaccines exist in short supply for the favored few. The Nazi hydra could be buried in here someplace.

04 Genuine swarming attack by 5-15 martys set in motion — I would not call them terrorists, what we have done in the Middle East, to include blind support for Zionist genocide and Zionist terrorism, has been a steady state of unjust war.

Sadly, neither the US secret intelligence world nor the US secret counterintelligence world are up to any of these challenges. They ignore the first, they are neutered on the second even if they could deploy capabilities, and they are clueless and neutered on the third as well as the fourth. Worse,  the media and our educational system are utterly worthless in terms of creating an informed alert public able to both detect asymmetric attacks, and hold politicians accountable for crimes against humanity.

The really scary scenario is where first responders refuse to quarantine or come into contact with suspected Ebola victims. This will lead to chaos including vigilantism. The obvious but short-term settling factor is a fake vaccine for first responders who will be assured they cannot be infected, when in fact they are being sentenced to death as surely as the firefighters that responded to the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. I do believe there is a vaccine, and I am heartened by the recovery of a small handful of victims.

That is a worst case scenario.  A best case scenario takes us back to the SARS panic, where the potential spread of SARS was hyped by everyone including the World Health Organization (WHO) as imminently catastrophic. It was intelligence with integrity, led by Singapore, where the military realized it was responsible for defending Singapore from ALL threats, not just uniformed military threats, that brought security and stability back to that health dynamic.

The question on my mind is this: at what point does Obama recognize that everyone is lying to him, he cannot rely on any of them for the truth, such that he breaks the cycle of dysfunctionality in the US Government, and simultaneously unleashes US counterintelligence while whipping CDC into minimal mandatory competence? By the by, Obama's failure on Ebola could lead to the precipitation of a revolution in the USA — all the preconditions are present.

To end on a most positive note, I believe that the Earth — including human, animal, and plant consciousness — is self-healing. We under-estimate the power of spirituality and we under-estimate the natural balancing behavior of which the Earth is capable. Ebola, like SARS, will in my view fade away as a catastrophic threat BUT it is a most helpful means of focusing our attention on the reality that information and intelligence in the USA today are simply not being managed with integrity. We all need access to ethical evidence-based decision support and we all need to engage in public conversation enhancing public wisdom.

Below are three articles I recommend in advance of my appearance tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern on the Alex Jones Show.

CIA Insider Warned of Ebola False Flag in September

Ebola: Studies Dispute CDC Mantra

Microbial Mayhem: Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Security

Here is an expert observer comment:

I believe CDC and WHO are more concerned with controlling mass hysteria than actual infection control. Once people start fearing the worst, they'll start exhibiting symptoms. Those will be real enough symptoms, regardless of whether or not there's a genuine causative agent. Mass “casualties” will overwhelm the system – quick.

It's also a matter of physics – an N-95 mask, the current CDC and WHO recommendation, is 95% effective on particles .3 microns and larger. Ebola is .08 microns across. Simple. Even so, with 200 million organisms expelled on any given cough, at 5% infiltration, you've got 10 million. To infect, you need from 1 to 10 – not one to ten million, but 1 to 10 – period. Odds are pretty good one will get through – in either direction.

But, they've distributed N-95 masks and are scared shitless that health care workers are going to refuse to put themselves and their families at risk. We've seen plenty of that in west Africa, we'll see much the same here.


CRS Increased Department of Defense Role in U.S. Ebola Response

  • The requested funds would be used to provide humanitarian assistance [overseas], … including: construction of 17 planned Ebola treatment units; and,training and education in support of sanitation and mortuary affairs functions to limit the spreadof the Ebola outbreak.

Ebola As ISIS Bio-Weapon?

Ebola drugs are in the works

Ebola sweeping across America ‘only a matter of time' says top doctor

  • “It's no longer a matter of if but of when Ebola will begin to spiral out of control in the U.S., says a top infectious disease specialist and former chief scientist at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Has Thailand come up with a vaccine for Ebola?

  • Scientists claim to have developed a ‘most effective' antibody to kill off deadly virus.

List (Table) of Ebola Outbreaks (Wikipedia)

  • Downplays contagion and mutation and CDC incompetence.

University scientist openly advocated Ebola release to kill off 90 percent of world population

  • What he said was needed was to have Ebola eliminate 5.8 billion of the world's then-6 billion people. Even more bizarre — and scary — is that his speech received a standing ovation at the academy's annual meeting, at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Vitamin C – A cure for Ebola

  • There is no direct placebo controlled “evidence” that massive doses of vitamin C will work on Ebola, and nobody would volunteer to take part in that study. But massive doses are reported to have helped against every virus it has been pitched against.

World's nations have just four weeks to stop Ebola pandemic from ‘spiraling completely out of control'

  • Save the Children says five people being infected every hour [this will scale quickly).

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