SchwartzReport: Climate Change + Concentrated Wealth = Violence. Revolution USA is Coming. Any Questions?

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

There are going to be many unanticipated consequences arising from climate change, here is one that is just beginning to surface. Our failure to take what is happening to our planet seriously is going to come at great cost to human civilization. And this may be part of the reason the police have been militarized. Strategic Planners reach into the future as far as they can. And with 55 studies known, and an unknown number in the secret literature, the climate change violence linkage is becoming accepted wisdom. Militarizing the police is the obvious move, particularly in a country filled with guns, militias, and roaring boys.

Climate Change And Rising Violence Are Linked, According To 55 Scientific Studies

The Obama Administration's failure to hold the grifters and criminals that crashed the economy in 2007-2008 responsible, and the failure of both Obama and the Congress to draft the necessary legislation to see that it didn't happen again, I think, will be seen by history as one of the greatest examples of poor governance in American history and, as this report spells out, it has planetary consequences. More than that, it virtually guarantees it will happen again. These wheeler-dealers are still obscenely rich, and ethically degenerate. And the the transfer of wealth that was part of this process will haunt us for a least one, and perhaps two generations. The middle class is dying and no democracy can endure that does not have a vibrant middle class. They are the consumers that drive the economic engine.

Piketty’s prophecy comes true: The planet’s middle class is rapidly going extinct

Phi Beta Iota: The preconditions for revolution — generally violent — are quite clear and well-known to anyone who wishes to explore the matter. Precipitants — the sparks that light the fire — are less well understood. The USA has the furthest to fall, and is the most likely to erupt into violent revolution because people are most angry, most violent, not when they have been repressed forever, but when they have seen the Promised Land and then had it taken away from them. So has it been in the USA since the assassination of JFK and the abject surrender of all three branches of the federal and state governments to the forces of financial, ideological, and religious corruption.

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