SchwartzReport: Democracy and Its Discontents

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

As we begin 2015 the need for citizen involvement in support of wellness at every level from the individual to the planetary has never been greater. The system of democracy itself is at risk throughout the world. This essay makes the case very well. No one is going to save us but we ourselves.

Democracy and Its Discontents

Thomas J. Scott, TruthOut, 1 Jan 15

Who Am I?  Who Are We?
Who Am I? Who Are We?

ROBERT STEELE: A lovely overview but nothing on solutions. For decades a few of us have labored on Electoral Reform, and this almost went viral (see YouTube Steele Occupy Electoral Reform) in 2011. In my brief Presidential candidacy (see We the People Reform Coalition) I was able to communicate with every other presidential candidate and many mass movement leaders and I learned that they are all, without exception, focused on themselves and their single-issue movements to the exclusion of any unifying strategy or action plus — such as demanding an Electoral Reform Act of 2015. Someone smarter than me pointed out that we hang separately if we do not hang together. What I can tell you from my past as a CIA covert operations officer and my present as the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction reading in 98 categories (see especially my list, Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Democracy Lost & Found, is that the entire funding strategy of CIA, the foundations, the political action campaign donors — all of them — is divide and conquer. This includes the Democrats and Republicans coming together to destroy promising Independent candidates, where Joe Biden personally got on television the morning of the Kansas election to stab the Independent in the heart by calling him a virtual Democrat in order to save the Republican incumbent. This was deliberate. The two-party duopoly FEARS any possibility of a few Independents becoming the swing vote in the US Senate and a voice of their own in the House. In my view, TruthOut should be sponsoring an Electoral Reform Summit and leading a nation-wide demand for the Electoral Reform Act of 2015, in time for us to elect an Independent president with a coalition Cabinet, and enough Independents to Congress, to restore integrity to a government that has none at all (in the Executive, the Congress, or the Supreme Court).

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