John Robb: Bringing Down the (Corrupt) USA

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John Robb
John Robb

Exploiting the Robocaller Gap

Here's an interesting US systempunkt — a systempunkt is the point in a big network where even a small attack would cause the entire network to fail. This systempunkt would enable a prepared individual the unique ability to shut down a large part of the US without shedding a drop of blood. For example, this attack has the ability to:

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Tip of the Hat to Eagle for the pointer.

Phi Beta Iota: From 1988-1994 a small band led by Winn Schwartau but catalyzed by Peter Black writing in WIRED, sounded the alarm on the general and specific vulnerabilities of the evolving cyber-space. Everyone refused to listen and act. Today we are vulnerable because of the abject corruption that permeates the entire US political system and the banks and corporations willing to pay any price (in our blood, sweat, tears, and treasure), take any risk (for us), in order to achieve profit for the few.

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