SchwartzReport: America’s Electoral Nightmare — Global Laughingstock for Lack of Integrity

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

If we cannot tell ourselves the truth, corrective choices are not possible. Here is the truth about the integrity of America's electoral process. We come in 26th in the world, one step above Mexico. Nothing to be proud of.

America’s election nightmare: How voter ID, gerrymandering & fundraising made us a laughingstock

Here's what happens when you suppress votes, draw districts to favor incumbents and allow the rich to buy elections


This year’s new Election Integrity Project report [PDF] is now out. It takes into account the 2014 mid-term elections in the U.S. and more elections in a number of additional countries. It appears the U.S. has fallen a few pegs from it’s 26th place ranking in last year’s report [emphasis in the original]…

[C]ontests in the United States scored the worst performance among any long-established democracy. Hence the 2012 Presidential elections was ranked 42nd worldwide, while the 2014 mid-term Congressional races was ranked 45th, similar to Colombia and Bulgaria. One reason is that experts expressed growing concern over US electoral laws and processes of voter registration, both areas of heated partisan debate.

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Phi Beta Iota: Robert Steele has been focused on this flaw for many years. Below is his new Kindle book on the topic, as well as a free online reference sources.

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