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We are splitting Open Power in three to make it easier for the different constituencies to work with what particularly interests them.The original will remain focused on the Electoral Reform Act of 2015. Libertarians and those who love Alex Jones can go to Here is the Tiny URL for the secondary focus on the Open Source Activist Tool-Kit:

Steele in Portland on Open Source Tool-Kit (15 Minutes)

DIRECT YouTube Link for Above:

Part II of my concept, now being worked on by a co-founder of CrisisMappers and the original ArchSynergist, is the creation of an activist open source information-sharing and sense-making toolkit such as Micah Sifry has said does not exist in his superb book, The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Has Not Fixed Politics (Yet). We are in the process of identifying the specifics of what open source pieces exist, what gaps exist, and how we can quickly bring all this together in time to enable the mass mobilization organizations — Facebook, MoveOn, and among them — to finally “do” what my friends Mitch Ratcliff and Jon Lebcosky call Extreme Democracy. The graphic below shows the pieces first identified by Diane Webb and Dennis McCormick in 1989, pieces that still do not exist today despite the secret intelligence world spending $1.2 trillion dollars of our money since the requirement was first levied. I AM FAILING HERE — THE OPEN SOURCE CODERS [See PE 01 Below] ARE IGNORING ME — HELP SOUGHT.

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The reality is that we cannot rely on the US Government to be intelligent or have integrity. That burden is on us.

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