Berto Jongman: Brennan Gores CIA

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

The CIA Director Can't See the Ground from the Ivory Tower (Arkin in Gawker)

The CIA gets a makeover (Ignatius in WashPost)

The truth about that CIA makeover (Schmitt in Fox News)

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This “make-over” will keep everyone busy until the end of the Obama-Biden Administration. “Intelligence reform” will not occur without Electoral Reform. Brennan is a posturing screw-up, well-suited to join Jim Clapper and Mike Vickers in going through the motions at great expense. The claims that the National Counterterrrism Center (NCTC) is some kind of success story are outrageously false. Intelligence (decision-suppport) is supposed to prevent attacks and costs with foresight and actionable decision-support across Whole of Government. The fact is that NCTC is still a royal mess with over 80 unintegrated databases, it has failed to prevent a single terrorist attack while allowing CIA's drone program and JSOG's hunter-killer teams to inspires tens of thousands more into hating the USA and doing nothing at all to make the US Government “conscious” and effective on the world stage. If and when we can achieve an honest Executive and an honest Congress, then the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) should be retired, the CIA should become the expanded Classified Intelligence Agency with a deep broad clandestine human intelligence capability that is multinational and non-official and new directorates to replace the abolished NSA and NRO; while a new Open Source Agency (OSA) will establish the gold standard for decision-support to Whole of Government, with NGA being merged with USGS. The FBI will require major surgury and a deep cleansing if it is to ever be useful as a counterintelligence capability. The military intelligence elements are out of control, a massive wasteful travesty, and not likely to improve as long as Vince Stewart is being held down by Mike Vickers. Once the reforms are complete, the secret budget can be cut to $30 billion at most, with ten percent of that paying for the open source foundation for all-source intelligence. Lacking now — and central to the future — is one word: INTEGRITY.

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