Friends of the Article V Convention: Congress Begins Counting State Applications for a Convention

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Article VCongress Begins Count of AVC Applications

With a quiet addition to House rules on January 6, 2015 the House of Representatives began for the first time in history an official process for tabulation of state applications for an Article V Convention.    …   According to Article V of the Constitution Congress is mandated to call a convention “on the application” of two-thirds of the state legislatures. In today’s terms this means a single application from 34 state legislatures. The public record shows the applications already submitted number nearly 20 times the necessary 34 applications with nearly submitted within the last 114 years. The issue of a convention call has always been not the states failing to submit sufficient applications but Congress, up to now, refusing to count the applications and issue a convention call. Thus the applications have languished among hundreds of thousands of pages of Congressional Record—still constitutionally effective—but ignored. This is no longer the case as the first affirmative step toward calling the nation’s first Article V Convention is underway. Full document.

Friends of the Artcile V Convention

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