Sheila Casey: Dave McGowan — on 9/12 He Wrote About a New and Improved Police State

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Sheila Casey
Sheila Casey

Dave McGowan battling aggressive cancer: wrote 9/11 was a lie on 9/12

This post features the full text of an article Dave McGowan wrote on Sept. 12, 2001, questioning the official story of the “terrorist attacks” 9/11. This is preceded by introductions from me and from Truth and Shadows contributor Sheila Casey.(CM)

Truth & Shadow Full Article with Commentaries

Phi Beta Iota: The truth about 9/11 was intuited by the families of 9/11 on day one. Now we know that 13 countries warned us in advance, Dick Cheney took over the entire 9/11 concept to make it happen to his complete satisfaction, and other co-conspirators within the US Government enables this high treason. The continued ignorance of the public is nurtured by the most corrupt insular media on the planet, augmented by professors terrified of losing their jobs and think tanks all too willing to sell their integrity for a few donations. “The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” Among the many truths we must face are these:

01 Electoral Reform is the only fix that we can impose that addresses the catastrophic loss of integrity across the whole system.

02 Banks will continue to cheat the public and explode economies — a $5 billion “fine” for manipulating trillions in foreign exchange transactions is the latest demonstration of the corruption and ineptitude of the US Government, and the continued toxicity of banking.

03 Universities will continue to be largely worthless, failing to deliver the liberal arts (learn to think) and scientific learning (integrity matters). We need a systemic make-over of how all transactions are managed — knowledge transactions, financial transactions, trust-building transactions.

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