Steven Aftergood : JASON on Open Sources — 25 Years Late

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Steven Aftergood
Steven Aftergood


“Never before has so much information and analysis been so widely and openly available. The opportunities for addressing future [treaty] monitoring challenges include the ability to track activity, materials and components in far more detail than previously, both for purposes of treaty verification and to counter WMD proliferation,” according to a recent study from the JASON defense science advisory panel. See Open and Crowd-Sourced Data for Treaty Verification, October 2014.

Phi Beta Iota: It troubles us deeply that for lack of integrity a secession of intelligence “leaders” have refused for the past twenty-five years to be honest about open sources and methods as the non-negotiable foundation for the craft of intelligence qua decision-support. It also troubles us that even such nominally erudite bodies as JASON refuse to acknowledge the pioneering work of Jan Herring, Gordon Oehler, Tom Pedtke, Boyd Sutton, and Robert Steele, among others. A lack of integrity seems to come with a very strong ability to maintain denial about all that came before. Integrity comes in many forms — this document, while superficially useful, lacks integrity at multiple levels.

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