Antechinus: US $500M to Train Syrian Rebels — Gone with Nothing to Show for It….

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Syria, $500 Million to Train 60 Rebels.

The $500 million American project, announced over a year ago, to train and arm a new Syrian rebel army to bring the Islamic State to its knees and force a political settlement on the Syrian regime simultaneously has, to date, trained just 60 fighters. 

It’s been 53 months since the Syrian uprising started, 48 months since President Obama called for regime change in Syria, 29 months since the Islamic State took over northeast Syria, 14 months since they took over northwest Iraq, and 11 months since Obama promised to destroy them, and the entirety of the U.S.’ publicly-announced ground strategy to dislodge the Islamic State from Syria and end the war there is embodied in five dozen “trained” Syrians in Turkey somewhere.

Phi Beta Iota: ISIS is a fully-funded creature of Saudi Arabia that has captured 2,300 armored vehicles funded by the US taxpayer for Iraq. The persistent idiocy and betrayal of the public interest in this region can be traced to two factors: the corruption of US political leaders by the toxic Zionist state of Israel as well as their subservience to Saudi Arabia money, and the lack of a US intelligence community with the integrity to create public intelligence in the public interest.

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