CounterPunch: Robert Steele on Counter-Coup – How Trump Can Win By Restoring Integrity to the Electoral Process and the US Government

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counterpunch squareCounter-Coup: How Trump Can Win

Trump may self-destruct but he has the power to change everything. The article discusses seven specific things Trump could do that would enable the election of an honest effective Independent government in 2016 .

Martin Luther King was assassinated when he took on the military-industrial complex.[i] John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a cabal led by Lyndon B. Johnson that included rogue elements of the CIA, the Cuban mafia, Texas energy, New York money, and the Zionist state of Israel – both George H. W. Bush and Yitzhak Rabin were in Dallas on “the day,” Israel being angry over both the curtailment of its nuclear program and the plans to require all Jewish organizations receiving direction or funding from Israel to register as “agents of a foreign power.”[ii]

Since then the only credible threat to the neo-fascist 1% has been Ross Perot – so he and his daughter were threatened with assassination. Perot made a strategic decision, sound at the time, to yield to larger forces he could not confront. Or he could have been a ringer for the Clintons, deliberately self-destructing, as some suggest[iii] – a suspicion that feeds fears of Donald Trump being a ringer for Hillary Clinton.[iv]

And now we have The Donald. The Donald is both the potential savior of the Republic, and his own worst enemy. He is both fiercely brilliant and ruthlessly capable of getting at the truth and speaking the truth; and he is somewhat self-diminishing in picking away at little scabs named Rosie or Megyn or what have you. He should never have attacked her (she abused him, yes, on order; she is also a trained lawyer and far from a bimbo), nor should he have raised his voice.

I personally do not believe Donald Trump will be assassinated – physically or financially – as Mike Whitney suggests in his “Swan Song for the Donald? GOP Party Bosses Plan to ‘Take Out’ Trump” (CounterPunch, 10 August 2015). The times, they have changed. America is in a revolutionary state – most of the pre-conditions of revolution, including the concentration of wealth and the loss of government legitimacy in the eyes of a majority, exist in the USA today, right now.[v]

What we do not have just yet is what is called a precipitant. A burning monk, a Tunisian fruit seller – or the assassination of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump were to be assassinated tomorrow, I believe that both senior Republican leaders and the Koch Brothers as well as selected media personalities would be at risk of multiple uncoordinated largely spontaneous assassination attempts, many successful. These people have no idea just how angry – and capable – a very large number of veterans, blue collar hunters, and others are right now.

Donald Trump can get through this attack cycle – it is the GOP leadership and its financial puppet-masters, notably the Koch Brothers and their ilk, that are going through a psychotic break-down. Trump scares them for all the right reasons.

To win, and beat back this pre-emptive “coup” from the extreme right, he needs to do seven things. Ideally he should announce all seven now, prior to the next debate on CNN.

01 Fund a Virtual Article V Constitutional Convention. Invite Mark Levin[vi] to chair and organize the event. Fund an online and Living Room Conversation[vii] process from the county-level up that ultimately sends eight people from each of the 50 states – one each from each of the eight information tribes (academic, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/non-profit). The federal government is OUT OF CONTROL. State rights and parent rights and the rights of people of faith are all being trampled. This is a discussion that America needs to have before Election Day.

02 Host a Workshop on Unemployment. There are a number of deeply ignorant people writing for Forbes, The Daily Beast, and other marginal outlets (Rachel Maddow at MSNBC comes to mind) who refer to “unemployment truthers.” Newsflash: the actual unemployment rate in the USA today is no less than 23% ( and could be as high at 40% according to – I am not making this up – the Congressional Research Service.[viii]

03 Fund an Electoral Reform Summit. Mess with The Donald and you will get splinters. Want to scare the 1% while adhering to Truth & Reconciliation principles? Show them Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Elizabeth Warren, Bob Dole and many others all together issuing a Statement of Demand that includes a fast-track registration process for the 52.7 million unmarried women, people of color, and youth eligible to vote, who have not registered to vote.[ix] Show the 39% who identify as Independents today,[x] and the growing number of new voters registering as No Party Preference (NPP), that they have the power to force through an Electoral Reform Act of 2015 that will at a minimum enable Independents, Constitution, Green, and Libertarian candidates to win the 20-30 seats in Congress that are being vacated in 2016. “Make the deal” with the incumbent Members – pass the Act and you get one term to break with your party and start representing your constituents.[xi] We the People need to restore our sovereignty over the federal government and over corporations operating under public charters. This is how we do it.

04 Sponsor a Name Your Cabinet Web Site. What would an honest transpartisan cabinet look like, one in which a majority of citizens agreed that the best person should be appointed to each job without regard to political affiliations?[xii] How many millions would re-engage with the US electoral process if Donald Trump gave them voice now?

05 Sponsor a Balanced Budget Web Site. What would a balanced budget look like in which true cost of all policies and practices were fully documented (US Government waste is known to be roughly 50% across all domains from Agriculture to Defense to Education to Energy to Health)? He could even invite Ben & Jerry to host the site and lead a national conversation on this topic. This would among other benefits clearly expose the ignorance of all other presidential candidates who do not understand that giving more money to a corrupt military-industrial complex is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The infantry, 4% of the force, takes 80% of the causalities and gets 1% of the budget. The other 99% of the budget is spent on pork that kills our economy and our society while subsidizing 40+ dictators who repress their own publics that then produce illegal immigration into Europe and over to the USA.[xiii] We do need a 450 ship Navy, an air-mobile Army, and a long-haul Air Force; we can create such a force while still cutting 30-40% in waste from our Department of Defense as now managed.[xiv]

06 Take Over and Raise a Billion Dollars. It’s time America played the Donald Trump – Matt Taibbi drink game. Every time some pontificating dirt-bag says anything at all against Donald Trump, donate $10. Any mention of menstrual cycles, donate $20. And so on. I am betting there are 100 million voters out there from across the political spectrum that now see very clearly that the two-party tyranny is a form of prostitution, Godless, and as close to legalized treason as you can get. This money would fund the Occupation of the home offices and front lawns of every Member refusing to co-sponsor and vote for the Electoral Reform Act of 2015, provide basic income assistance for the unemployed, and help advance Independent and small party campaigns for vacant seats in Congress if the public funding portion of that Act is rejected by the majority.

07 Hire a Latino Deputy Campaign Manager. I am a Latino, and I have polled my Latino and my female colleagues as well as many Latinos and women encountered as I made my way to Danbury, CT for a very special meeting this past week-end. The returns are in: The Donald has not pissed off the Latinos, or the women. Both these groups are practical, and tolerant. Both these groups see a larger than life guy who vents, who is being picked on – whose character is being assassinated. One person observed – I paraphrase here from memory: millions of words, thousands of female contacts, and six or so allegations are the best they can do, including a breast pump demand (reverse sexism) and an on your knees exchange recently absolved by the woman in question on CNN? In passing, it merits comment that the South West is in transition back to its original state: Latino. The US declared war on Mexico in order to steal its lands, and what Mexico has been doing for the past century is claiming that land back through calculated legal as well as illegal immigration with the unanticipated side effect of making the borders porous for Central and South Americans as well as Asians. As one grandfather of Mexican descent told his son (a 60 year old Customs agent today) who asked him when he immigrated: “I didn’t immigrate, they moved the border on me!” Our Latino-ness is a fact of life. When Home Depot offers everything in English and Spanish, the world has changed in a way that no amount of denial is going to reverse. The Donald is mostly right on most matters, and could learn to listen a little on some matters. Get over it. He is a change agent, and a change agent is precisely what we need right now. Other candidates such as Senator Marco Rubio or Governor John Kasich (and on the Democratic side, Governor Martin O’Malley) have enormous potential, but only The Donald has the celebrity status and independent wealth to open the door to broad political, economic, cultural, and social change in favor of the 99% and against the 1%.

I’ve given eight of my nine lives for my country over the course of my 63 years. I am sick to my stomach as I contemplate what Matt Taibbi calls Griftopia, the merger of political and financial crime,[xv] and I am sick to my stomach over how labor unions and religions have betrayed their constituents, colleges and universities no longer teach critical thinking, and non-profit think tanks are no better than college term paper for hire enterprises.[xvi]

Yes, it is time to make America great again. We start by publicly calling out the Republican and Democratic Party leaders – and their financial backers – for what they are: liars who betray the public trust every single day. They should be fired, and grateful they are not going to be hanged. This is a battle for the soul of the Republic – We the People have to find our soul.


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Robert David Steele is a former spy, honorary hacker, and the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories. He briefed Occupy on electoral reform in a video that went viral, ran briefly for the Reform Party nomination, aggregating good ideas at We the People Reform Coalition, and is today the pro bono CEO of an educational non-profit, Earth Intelligence Network. His most recent books are OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool-Kit, and The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, & Trust. A Guardian profile of him has received 67,000 likes

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