Mongoose: Russian Casualities in Ukraine – 2000 KIA, 3200 Disabled? UPDATE 1 – Story False

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Lies about the true costs of decisions made by elites are a form of treason.

Russia Inadvertently Posts Its Casualties In Ukraine: 2,000 Deaths, 3,200 Disabled


UPDATE 1: The story on Russian casualties is apparently false. Forbes contributor, Paul Roderick Gregory, published an article on Wednesday citing a Russian web source called “Delovaya Zhizn” (translated as Business Life). The report, dated March 2015 and entitled “Increases in Pay for Military in 2015,” was altered, with the relevant information being removed, after the Forbes publication came out. However, the original copy was webcached by Google.

Phi Beta Iota: The US also conceals its casualties, including not just Special Operations personnel killed worldwide, but also entire units attacked by other countries (USS Liberty, USS Scorpion, aircraft losses over the Arctic). The US has also concealed the 75,000 or more multiple amputees resulting from the Iraq War that was entered into on the basis of 975 lies told by the neocons led by Dick Cheney. At the strategic levels, the lies being told today within the USA in relation to both Syria and the Ukraine are in our view a form of treason. The lies being told within the USA about 9/11 and various alleged terrorist threats, and about the unemployment rate, are all a form of treason. Lies are betrayal of the public trust.

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