Mongoose: Serval Open Source Mesh for Android

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Serval Reclaim Your Phone

“Communications should not just be for the geographically, financially or  otherwise fortunate — for it is the unfortunate who need it most.”

Serval is a telecommunications system comprised of at least two mobile phones that are able to work outside of regular mobile phone tower range due thanks to the Serval App and Serval Mesh. Some of the most exciting benefits of this are: communicate anytime, communicate anywhere, communicate privately.

Serval is also pioneering an Open-Source Collapsable Communications Tower.

Phi Beta Iota: Kill switches embedded in individual cellular phones need to be addressed. As long as US industrial “leaders” betray their financial and end-user stake-holders, in essence committing commercial treason, anyone buying a US product should be conscious of the fact that US communications and computing products are not reliable and are subject to shut-down and monitoring by the US Government without due process and without warning. Cells phone are ham radios, nothing more. The government is capable of jamming all radio signals, but the government is also stupid and has not properly designed its own communications to operate in a jammed environment. The solutions devised during the Arab Spring, and future developments that including uncompromised satellite uplinks that cannot be detected or monitored, appear necessary. The right to freely assemble (and communicate) is the right that is being attacked here not because the government needs this capability but because it can — it is allowed to print money, borrow money, and spend money on criminal idiocy along these lines.

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