CounterPunch: It’s Official – Trump is Dead

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counterpunch squareThe Rich Boy: the Art of Trump L’Oeil Politics

Donald Trump is a bigot and a pig who uses his boorishness to appeal to other pigs, his targeted demographic of second generation Reagan Democrats: white, blue-collar men, fueled by Budweiser, sexual insecurity and a roiling, if inchoate, resentment toward a political system that has pushed them to an economic cliff. It is a measure of Trump’s mystique that these economic refugees are drawn fervently to a man who trademarked the phrase: “You’re fired!”

Phi Beta Iota: Trump blew it. He had the power to flip the system toward electoral reform and integrity and he chose instead to play to his limits rather than his opportunities.  Jeffrey St. Clair is a keen observer of US politics and corruption. This is Donald Trump’s death notice.

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