Berto Jongman: DEA Secretly Enables Drug Epidemic

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berto smallDEA Secretly OKs Killer Quantities of Oxy and Morphine

The feds could choke off the supply of pills flooding American streets tomorrow. Instead, they let Big Pharma crank out 300 tons of it last year. The federal government is actively fueling a killer drug epidemic behind closed doors.

In 1993, the DEA allowed pharmaceutical companies to manufacture 3,520 kilograms of oxycodone. In 2015, the DEA authorized production of 137,500 kilograms of oxycodone. That’s a 39-fold increase in 22 years, the equivalent of turning two Buicks into four Boeing 737s. Either Americans are in 39 times more pain than we were 20 years ago, or something else is wrong.

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