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Cost of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

$1.3 trillion a year or 11% of GDP in international dollars. This assumes conventional financing and conventional technologies and conventional processes.

PDF (6 Pages): SDG Financing Summary

PDF (128 Pages): SDG Financing Full Report

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Phi Beta Iota: Tip of the Hat to May East for highlighting this excellent work by Guido Schmidt-Taub. As Medard Gabel has pointed out before (see graphic), for one third of what we spend on elective wars and the military-industrial complex across the Western nations (but mostly the USA alone) we could resolve all of the SDG targets. To this  Robert Steele has added the concepts of holistic analytics and true cost economics to educate the public, and open source everything engineering to achieve the SDG goals — particularly in Open Source Provisioning (energy, water, shelter, food) — for one tenth the price of conventional technology as best, one half at worst. The challenge is not in the doing — the challenge is in getting powerful partisan interests to listen and see that their longer term interests are best served by addressing the economic and social health of the five billion poorest. It is also worth noting that many do not consider the SDG goals to be anything other than theatrical posturing — a defensive operation by the 1%.

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