Robert Steele: The Two-Party Tyranny and Faux Intelligence as Enablers of the Deep State

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

OUTLINE OF REMARKS: The Two-Party Tyranny and Faux Intelligence as Enablers of the Deep State

as presented to the McClenton Group Conference on “The Hidden Persuaders: Corrupt Influencers on 2016 Presidential Politics,” Washington, DC: The National Press Club, 26 April 2016.


Two-Party Tyranny

  • Eight accredited parties – six + Independents blocked from ballot access
  • 100M eligible voters did not vote in 2012
  • 39% or more identify as Independent
  • Over 52M eligible voters have not registered to vote in 2016
  • System is rigged – and Bernie is part of that rigged system
  • Article 1 of the US Constitution was trashed by Newt Gingrich when he destroyed Speaker Jim Wright and turned all members of the two-party tyranny into “foot-soldiers” who vote the party line
  • 12 specific Electoral Reforms needed (hand-outs) – note #12, proof Bernie is not serious
  • USA Today has identified the 40+ billionaires that own the two-party tyranny
  • Legislation is not evidence-based and includes too many secret clauses (e.g. TPP)
  • Tea Party Members in the House of Representatives are one small bright light
  • Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul in the Senate are frauds — they will not fight the rigged system

Faux Intelligence

  • FBI is not allowed to do its job, kept busy with the little people and theatrics
    • Financial, ideological, and religious traitors run free
    • FBI is a “Terror Factory” with entrapment and false flags as the standard
  • White House could care less about intelligence – quote Henry Kissinger
  • No one gets fired for being incompetent — quote Bob Gates on Charlie Rose
  • Intelligence is a spending program, nothing more
  • Focus is on expensive secret technical collection that is not processed
  • NSA processes less than 1% of what it collects, has never prevented a terrorist incident
  • CIA, NGA, NRO, DIA all largely worthless
  • No one produces holistic analytics or true cost economics – we do not do evidence-based decision-making in DC, decisions are sold to the highest bidder

Deep State

  • FBI was started by a pedophile who actively organized assassinations of JFK and MLK
  • CIA was formed by Allen Dulles, a neo-Nazi traitor who violated all Presidential expectations — he imported  thousands of Nazis  to USA, created the Nazi Hydra in the USA; he helped rescue tens of thousands of more Nazis, and their treasure, for migration elsewhere (e.g. Argentina)
  • There are seven CIAs, not one, regime change, drone assassinations, torture all reprehensible – off budget funding from Saudi Arabia — most CIA “clandestine” reporting is a hand-out from foreign liaison services that lie to us, or domestic debriefings of legal travelers — there is no clandestine bench, no clandestine depth, least of all in the Middle East
  • CIA is a supporting element to more powerful forces, not evil in and of itself
  • Each generation of traitors recruits, grooms, and leaves behind the next generation
  • Flag officers are in constant betrayal of their oath to defend the Constitution, confuse loyalty with integrity
  • Media is bought and paid for and part of the Deep State


Electoral Reform 12 Points 2.0

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