Bernie Sanders: Can He Rise to the Moment as Hillary Clinton is Indicted and Joe Biden Co-Conspires with Elizabeth Warren?

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Sen. Bernie SandersBernie Sanders is at the single most significant turning point in his life. Against all odds (greater odds than those faced by Donald Trump) he has mobilized a generation and restored some semblance of social and economic justice to the Democratic Party’s notional position.

It is virtually certain that Hillary Clinton will be indicted before the convention, opening the path for Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to emerge as the “sensible” alternatives to what many see as two impossible choices. Donald Trump — still our favorite for pure disruption reasons — has begun to self-destruct — if he does not get a professional policy staff that can address all threats and all policies with evidence-based decision-support in the context of a balanced budget, America will be voting for “least idiot” rather  than “best president.”

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As a sitting Senator, Bernie Sanders has the power to introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016 prior to the summer recess, and he could even be so bold as to collaborate with Senator Paul Rand and Speaker Paul Ryan to have this legislation passed before the summer recess. This would reboot American democracy and restore integrity to Congress. It would create a safety net under the presidency, and it could even assure his rightful nomination if he moved to embrace other ideas such as national conversations about the Constitution, a Fantasy Cabinet, a Balanced Budget, and a commitment to Full Employment, No Inflation, and No Income Taxes (substituting the Automated Payment Transaction Tax pulling the bulk of our federal revenue from Wall Street currency and stock trading transactions not now taxed). Sanders is at a turning point in history and he has a narrow window within which one incredible dramatic action — the introduction of the Electoral Reform Act of 2016 — could do more good for America and the world than any other combination of initiatives.

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