Mongoose: USS Liberty @ Arlington Cemetery Trip Report — US Government Continues to Lie About Zionist Atrocity Attack Possibly Ordered by LBJ

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There were roughly 30 patriots at the USS Liberty memorial ceremony 8 June 2016. The US Government continues to lie about the raw fact that the Zionists committed an international war crime in attacking a clearly marked non-combatant reconnaissance vessel. We in counterintelligence consider this a crime for which atonement has not been made. We pray the day will come when an American President has the balls to declare the entire Israeli Embassy staff Personna Non Grata (PNG), and to cut off all financial assistance to Israel ($30,000 a year for every man, woman, and child) until such time as a new moral practical understanding can be achieved, to include a total earnest apology from the Zionist State of Israel for its atrocities against the crew of  the USS Liberty, and against the people of Palestine.

Liberty Survivors Say US Still Downplays Israel’s Attack on Ship

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Phi Beta Iota: A superb honest report is provided by The power of Zionist Israel in the USA is deep at all levels from federal to local. Governor Mario Cuomo, for example, is totally in Israel’s pocket, below is a headline and photograph of Governor Cuomo forgetting the USS Liberty while passing a law to protect Israel from a boycott movement. In our view, US citizens should not only boycott all products associated with Israel (especially software products that are totally compromised), but they should demand an end to all financial assistance to Israel, which relies on the US taxpayer for 20% of its atrocity-ridden budget.  There are nine million Jews in the USA, of whom perhaps half vote. Israel’s influence is based totally on a mix of religious, financial, ideological, and perversion blackmail.

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UPDATE 1: We have been reminded of the possibility that LBJ himself ordered the attack to create a causus belli, accompanied by a nuclear attack on Cairo. Given his documented role in the assassination of JFK and his deep state criminal endeavors, this is entirely possible and has never been officially investigated.  See the link below for a lengthy treatment that has considerable credibility.

Mini-Me: LBJ Behind USS Liberty? Re-Evaluating What Can Be Known

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