John Steiner: Time to Pop Your Conspiracy Cherry?

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John Steiner
John Steiner

It’s Time to Pop Your Conspiracy Theory Cherry

By Tim Bryant, Wake-Up World, 3 May 2016

Anyone who has spent the time going deep down the “rabbit hole” and researching in the realms of alternative information/conspiracy theory knows that a large majority of the world’s population hasn’t a clue as to what’s really going on in the world. However, all alternative researchers can relate to this because at one point they too were admittedly naïve and asleep to it all. In fact, almost all humans are born into some form of limited perception. There is a reason that the term “awakened” is often used by people in reference to their personal transformation from an in-the-box indoctrinated consumer to an open-minded free-thinker.

In many ways, opening the mind and diving into the realm of conspiracy is like a rite of passage into higher realms of consciousness.

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