Vivian Lee: Istanbul Airport Opens 4.5 Hours After Possible False Flag Attack Allegedly Killing 42 and Injuring 239

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Vivan Lee (P)
Vivan Lee (P)

Istanbul Airport Opens 4 1⁄2 Hours after Triple Suicide Bombing Attack

In a stunning turnaround, the Istanbul Ataturk Airport opened for business at 2:20 am local time on Wednesday June 29, after the alleged triple suicide bombing that began at 9:50 pm the night before. In a little over four hours, the airport was able to clean up all the blood and body parts that would have resulted from the mass shooting and three bombs that were said to have been detonated.[1] At present, the death toll is reported at 42, with 239 injured.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is an anomaly for both Istanbul and Orlando. For Istanbul, it is a major anomaly that further deepens intelligent skepticism about the official narrative. The alleged dead and wounded numbers simply do not correspond to the isolated random shootings and individual detonations. For Orlando, where a major contract for alleged bio-hazard clean-up has been awarded, and where demolition of the entire site is already under discussion, it calls into question the credibility of the official narrative.

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