Robert Steele: Libertarians Now or Never?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas


Had God planned for a trillion years, he (or she, give me a break) could not have created a more opportune moment for the Libertarian Party, a moment that is going up in smoke as the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President fail  to seize the day. Below is my friend Lee Camp's indictment — utter crushing — of the Johnson-Weld ticket as it appeared on CNN (note how Johnson describes Hillary as an exemplary public servant — he lost me right there).

It has to be said, Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka (a name that will instantly appeal to all the pissed-off white guys Donald Trump has brought back into the rigged process), are no better. Both tickets offer very important substance, and both tickets are pathetically unable to rise beyond endnote status — both are a sideshow to the main event, the most criminally insane run-off in the modern history of the United STATES of America…

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I have been a registered member of the Libertarian Party since 2009, and a member in spirit since a young lady persuaded me to take their brilliant outreach test in 1996, I think it was, at Hackers on Planet Earth in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.

What is a Libertarian?

Put most simply, a Libertarian believes that individuals, families, and communities should decide most if not all of the issues that arise from day to day and over time, not the federal government.

Libertarians have not reached the point I have, after a study of the Constitution and our history, which is this: we are the United STATES of America, therefore the federal government should be an administrative service to the STATES united, not an imperial power. If I were elected president, I would appoint a Governor-General and begin the process of terminating the illegal mandate that allows the federal government to tax individuals and organizations and to borrow money. States should collect such revenue as they see fit from their citizens — I recommend a single Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax administered and collected by the states — and states should fund the federal government by agreed upon appropriations from each state. In passing, I would cancel all Executive Orders and refer them to the Speaker of the House for legislative consideration. All federal regulations — including the newest forbidding the public from swimming with dolphins (I don't make this crap up) — would be suspended. The Center for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration would be suspended and investigated toward probable criminal indictments against all their “leaders” while the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Reserve would be closed, plain and simple, with “soft landing” transition plans for all their employees. The Departments of Education and Energy, among others, would be subject to a zero-based review and at least cut in half if not eliminated entirely, subject always to Article 1 of the Constitution — it's time we totally recast the government, to include harmonization of Congressional committee jurisdictions with the organization of the executive branch and vice versa.

Note 1: 10th Amendment plays here. The STATES are not exercising their power under the Constitution. Nullification and if necessary secession are vital parts of the Constitutional relationship between the STATES and the federal service that has become an imperial power owned by banks.

Note 2: As I said in my appearance in the Hollywood documentary, American Drug War: Last White Hope, marijuana is the seam between a public that thinks for itself and a government that lies for the banks and corporations that thrive on fencing the commons and making private behavior illegal so they can profit — make no mistake, the  drug industry is about liquidity for the banks that launder the money, the criminal gangs are merely de facto agents of the banks. Cannabis in all its forms including oil cuts tumors in half or more and addresses cancer in a manner the government and the corporations actively cover up. The criminal insanity of a government that cares more about profits for the few at the expense of the many must be ended. The immediate legalization of marijuana (and hemp, which has many substantial industrial uses) is non-negotiable.

The Libertarian Platform

I have to say up front that I believe the Libertarians are still evolving – this is a conversation in mid-stream, not a finished program. Below are the highlights from the 2016 Libertarian Platform, with my comments.

Bottom Line: Governments serve the people, not the other way around. Governments should not, in principle, encroach on the rights of life, liberty, and property. The marketplace should decide everything.

COMMENT: The greatest flaw in the Libertarian platform as it exists to day is that it has been bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers, who epitomize the predatory capitalist ethic that treats the Earth, communities, and individuals as “spoils” to be looted with impunity. The other great flaw is that the Libertarian platform, which I support on the whole, does not see that in  the absence of an educated citizenry armed with complete information including True Cost Economics information  — the true cost, for example, of the Koch Brothers dumping murderous toxins into every river they touch — individuals become expendable dupes for the likes of the Koch Brothers. My version of Libertarianism demands that every individual have the expectation that no other individual will shit in the community water well without paying severe consequences — deportation, for example. I am huge on Truth & Reconciliation — everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail — and I am huge on using informed citizen decision-making at the point of sale, not government regulation, to achieve sound economic growth for all.  The below slide depicts my alternative to all government regulation,

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Specifics of the Libertarian Platform

1.0 Personal Liberty. This includes self-ownership, expression and communication, privacy, personal relationships, abortion, parental rights, crime and justice, the death penalty, self-defense.

COMMENT: This is the strongest part of the Libertarian manifesto, and I buy into all of it. I am particularly interested in nullifying all executive regulations and everything the Clinton Co-Presidency did including the Crime Act that put more blacks into jail than there were slaves at the beginning of the Civil War (actually a War of Secession), NAFTA, and the re-regulation of Wall Street (which will be decimated by an end to fiat currency — no more creating money out of thin air). We need to close most of our prisons, make restitution to all those abused by the federal government in the past quarter century, and slam the federal government back into a very small box where funding is controlled by the STATES, not the banks. I am all in on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, to including the restoration of voting rights as well as the right to bear arms to all felons who have served their sentences and been restored to full status.

2.0 Economic Liberty. This includes property & contract, environment, energy & resources, government finance & spending, government employees, money and financial markets, marketplace freedom, labor markets, education, health care, and retirement & income security.

COMMENT: The Libertarian platform is the best possible starting point for a national conversation that will never be led by the two-party tyranny, both parties being firmly in the hands of Wall Street interests in turn beholden to the Rothschilds and the Khazarian mafia that treats all of us as commodities and many of us as “useless eaters” who should be exterminated with geoengineering, poisoning of the air and earth and water, sterilization via government-mandated vaccines known to be toxic, and so on. I particularly embrace the call for the end of federal taxation and the end of federal subsidies for all industries — not just Big Oil but Big Pharma and Big Agriculture. The federal government has become a front for legalized crime at scale — the vast majority of government employees are good people trapped in a bad system, but they are too meek and too compliant with political decisions (Pay to Play) that should be grounds for impeachment. I particularly believe that all banking should be local and that absentee landlords and land owners should be disenfranchised; I also believe that we need a national debt jubilee, and would call on all those with student, medical, housing, and other forms of debt to sign a debt renunciation pledge that would allow a new Administration to either sharply reduce that debt through negotiation, or announce a national debt jubilee overnight, with an automatic Presidential pardon for every debtor.

3.0 Securing Liberty. This includes national defense, internal security and individual rights, international affairs, free trade and migration, rights & determination, representative government, and self-determination.

COMMENT: The platform is a helpful starting point for a national conversation, but immature and lacking in specifics. It should for example call for the closure of all US bases overseas and an end for all taxpayer subsidies to foreign powers — not only dictators, but Israel, where we pay $30,000 a year in borrowed money for every man, woman, and child in Israel — the atrocities that we condone by Saudi Arabia against Yemen and its own women and by Israel against Palestine — along with the regime change operations led by the Clinton Foundation and John Brennan, a converted Muslim who is very probably an undeclared agent of influence for Saudi Arabia (and the man who approved the visa applications for all of the 9/11 patsies traveling on Saudi passports) should not be funded by nor tolerated by the US Government in our name and at our expense. The military should be home-based and STATE based, radically reduced in cost but not in manpower (50% of the military budget is waste at the same time that the military consumes 60% of the disposable federal budget and 16% of the total budget). Ron Paul has nailed it in his many speeches calling for a foreign policy of freedom focused on peace, commerce, and honest friendship. Wars are sponsored by bankers who fund and profit from both sides — everyone else loses. This illuminates my concern about an ignorant public including ignorant Libertarians — to fully evolve and mature the Libertarian platform, the best starting point going forward, we need a national conversation that includes a virtual Constitutional Convention along with the creation of an honest informed alternative to the Mainstream Media and the progressive as well as the conservative media, both of which are controlled by very wealthy individuals who do not want their farm animals thinking for themselves.

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Summing Up

The two-party tyranny works for Wall Street and Wall Street works for the Khazarian mafia owned and operated by the Rothchilds. Hillary Clinton is controlled by Lynn Rothschild on behalf of Evelyn Rothschild, and Hillary Clinton is owned by everyone that ever donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, particularly the royal family of Saudi Arabia, despots (and in many cases pedophiles as well) that is destroying Syria and Yemen for the sake of two pipelines — Hillary Clinton has put the full force and budget as well as blood of the USA behind the Saudi dynasty because she has been paid to do so and has no shame at all. Donald Trump is no better — he is a fraud whose advisors are indistinguishable from those aiding Hillary Clinton, and there is credible analysis to the effect that he has sold out and is taking a dive in order to make the impossible possible: the election of Hillary Clinton.

What the Libertarian Party lacks is the combination of a kick-ass ticket that can storm the airwaves from 6 September 2016, and a commitment to an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 as the non-negotiable demand for peace in the land following what will otherwise be an entirely illegitimate election. The system is rigged — I said it first in a video to Occupy that went viral in 2011, just before I ran briefly as one of three accepted candidates for the Reform Party nomination for the presidency.

Donald Trump is part of the rigged system, he has been told for a year that he needs to champion a virtual Constitution Convention as well as the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, and for over a year he has with malice aforethought done everything possible to destroy the Grand Old Party (GOP) while doing everything possible to lose to a candidate that is best described as a criminal bitch, nothing more or less. The failure of the Obama Administration to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton for wire and solicitation fraud, and in Hillary Clinton's case, for treason and quid pro quo influence peddling while Secretary of State (forget the personal meetings — the big dog here is that she sold out Libya, Syria, and Yemen to Saudi Arabia for  tens of millions in donations, 90% of which have been mis-appropriated) is in my view grounds for impeaching the President, the Attorney General, and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are complicit in the high crimes and misdemeanors of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

I registered to run but then chose not to seek the Libertarian nomination for the presidency because it became quickly obvious to me that the system was rigged in favor of Gary Johnson, and the Libertarian selection process was not amenable to thoughtful provocation. It is not too late for the Libertarian Party to make a difference. Speaker Paul Ryan in the House, and Senator Rand Paul in the Senate, should be approached and asked to introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016. This offers the following immediate benefits:

01 It frees all incumbents from dependency on campaign contributions going forward.

02 It opens the immediate prospect of ten or more Libertarians (and some Greens and Independents) being elected to the 20-30 seats being vacated in this cycle, i.e. without a defending incumbent — THAT is the key to Libertarian power going forward, NOT a placebo presidential ticket.

03 With Instant Run-Off, it opens the real possibility of a dynamic Libertarian ticket with a transpartisan Cabinet and a balanced budget declared in advance, actually winning (as a second choice to all those that vote for Trump or Clinton, and a first choice for everyone else).

04 It ends the electronic fraud means Hillary Clinton used to steal multiple primaries from Bernie Sanders and would otherwise use against Trump.

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Electoral Reform Steele Bio Questions Refs

The Role of a Libertarian President

I like Gary Johnson, when he is not running on about his fitness program and climbing Mount Everest and other stuff having nothing to do with Liberty and the restoration of the Constitutional values we all cherish. I would certainly support Gary Johnson with my vote if — but only if — he began to represent Libertarian principles in a vocal and dynamic way, and if he made an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 the central value proposition from the Libertarian Party to the public, in alliance with the Tea Party and the sane honest members of the Republic and Democratic parties.

It is not the role of the President to be a “decider” and it is not the role of the president to pick a winner take all Libertarian Cabinet or to strive to force through Libertarian-oriented legislation. In the past presidents have sought to use their office to enrich themselves and their friends and to pursue ideological agendas that enrich the financial, military, industrial, and agricultural complexes, but that is an unethical and unsophisticated view of  the role of a president in a democracy.

The true role of a President going forward is to assure the integrity of the electoral and governance system such that the Libertarians, among others, have full voice and are not repressed by a two-party tyranny or abused by false prophets including the Koch Brothers who are no different from George Soros or the Rothschild family and the Khazarian mafia. My direct immediate objective, regardless of who wins the White House, is to put ten Libertarian Members into Congress — that is the center of gravity.

The true role of a President is to assure full public access to all information in a manner that promotes transparency, truth, and trust. A nation's best defense (and best prospects for prosperity) lie in an educated public. Thomas Jefferson put forward that proposition, as did James Madison and George Mason.

The Libertarian ethic is best introduced and sustained by dumping the two-party tyranny and their Wall Street masters on their ass; by slamming the federal government back into a very small box in which STATE rights are restored (including the reclaiming of all lands and property from the federal government which should not be allowed to interfere with land management or own physical land or buildings) and the federal government exists on a stipend allocated from the states. Only the states should be allowed to collect revenue from citizens and organizations, as they see fit, with the APT Tax being the recommended common solution.

Right now I do not plan to vote because without an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 the small party tickets are spoilers, nothing more. We have become an insane asylum with criminals in charge of the electoral process. That could change overnight — we have the power, if Speaker Ryan and Senator Paul will listen to us — to change the dynamic from 6 September to elect at least ten Libertarian members to Congress (who should pledge not to caucus with either of the two-party tyranny wings), and perhaps — a long shot but worth trying — a Libertarian president.  Below is the landscape for a victory:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

I recommend that Governor William Weld shift over to being the Governor-General candidate (a new position) and that the below “Order of Battle” be considered going forward.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

I believe I could win with this proposition, if Speaker Ryan and Senator Paul agree to introduce the Act. If Gary Johnson cannot see the immediate need to better represent the Libertarian value proposition to the public, while leading a dynamic challenge to the two-party tyranny, one that condemns both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they each richly merit condemnation, then he should step aside and give the party an opportunity to list someone else on the ballot in all 50 states — bear in mind that the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, if enacted in September, would demand new paper ballots for all federal elections (and pay for them), this affords the party an opportunity to change the name on each of those ballots, if Gary Johnson cannot rise to the occasion and a substitute must be identified at this late but not too late date.

I totally embrace the idea that Bill Weld should be Governor General, and that the Council of Governors should be co-equal to the US Congress in the President's eye until such time as a Constitutional Convention can be held to ratify the 1st and 2nd amendments, overturn the 17th and 22nd amendments (Senators are supposed to represent the STATES, only the public should determine how many terms a President can serve), and examine everything else.

Semper Fidelis,
Pissed Off Latino Patriot


We the People Reform Coalition

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