Antechinus: Deep State in Deep Fear of Donald Trump

10 Transnational Crime, Commerce, Corruption, Government

Fear and Loathing Inside The Deep State

Everyone in the Deep State is threatened by the Trump Presidency. The Deep State understands that power, funding, ideological stratagems and domination of government, media, academia, think tanks and NGOs are in the ‘field of fight’.

Phi Beta Iota: Trump is making some rookie mistakes — and may still sell out to the Deep State — but on balance, Trump is the best chance we all have — especially if he collaborates with the Senior Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer — to restore integrity to our government.  Believe it or not. He is our elected president under a rigged system that failed to force through the election of Hillary Clinton, the hand-maiden of every form of evil rooted in the USA. He is the “accidental president.” Our prayers are with him.

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