Owl: Did FBI Just Confiscate the NYPD – Weiner Laptop Documenting Treason So As to Destroy It? Is NYPD in Revolt?

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

All signs point to “the system” — with Trump and RNC as well as Bernie Sanders and DOJ/FBI complicity — pulling out all the stops to enable a documented crime family to re-occupy the White House. Below as it appeared online.

The Donald Trump Presidential Archive

Author Jerome Corse tweets:

NYPD says FBI HAS TAKEN ALL WEINER 650K evidence to DC. FBI tells NYPD to drop case – repeat DALLAS NOV 22 1963 – OBAMA-HILLARY COUP ALERT

The FBI swoops in to nab up all the evidence the NYPD might have obtained from raiding Huma and Weiner under the auspices of the case being reopened. Or put another way: discovery of evidence by the NYPD relevant to a federal investigation in principle necessitates a response from the FBI. The announcement, therefore, in all its flaccidness, is an intentional red herring to keep thousands of NYPD blue from revolting when all of their evidence disappears into federal control, federal control that has already proven it's not going to indict, staffed by employees that have (so far) proven that they are not rebellious nor blow whistles.

If this scenario were true, Comey's announcement letter is about the right level of plausible deniability for a federal branch to stopblock an entire police force. The pre-election timing of the announcement made it look like the FBI had obtained damning evidence, but that was naive given this new light. It now seems like the timing of the announcement was equivalent to when a leak springs in a boat: you plug the leak as fast as possible. Comey extinguishing the case as fast as he did only supplements the obvious. The pre-election timing could be a possible way to neuter a response due to election day if this were true, as I assume the NYPD announcing the message in the above tweet is the first step of the NYPD blowing the whistle.

Hopefully when Trump gets in there he is going to be like a blaze orange clad hunter for the pack of wolfhounds in the form of Chaffetz and Gowdy.

Phi Beta Iota: As Election Day dawns, we continue to believe that the fix is in for a Hillary Clinton “win” by 2%, and that Donald Trump as well as the Republican National Committee (RNC) are complicit — Trump will get billions from Lynn Rothschild, and the RNC will get at least five Governors it might have lost in an honest election without ballot tampering. This misbehavior by the FBI leadership — against the explicit professionalism of the larger body of professional FBI Special Agents (good people trapped in a bad system), is consistent with the FBI's prior leadership participation in the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King; the FBI's prior and current leadership's continued refusal to go after religious, ideological, and financial traitors; the FBI's prior and current leadership's refusal to do pattern analysis and go after the murders of environmental and medical activists; and most recently, the FBI's “disappearing” of the surviving Orland mass casualty event shooter, James Howell, whose testimony to the effect that Mateen was participating in a false flag attack and expected to fly to California to do a second one, cast the entire official narrative as a massive lie. The FBI has ceased to exist as a professional organization — as have most other so-called professional organizations in the US Government. We lack intelligence with integrity across the board.

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