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Patrick Tucker
Patrick Tucker

The Other Michael Flynn

This new greater emphasis on open-source data aided by computational analysis discomfited older, less technically astute intelligence professionals at DIA and in the broader intelligence community, McCulloh said.

“What that does is it largely disqualifies a lot of old intel guys in favor of people who have more technical skills. That was not happy for them. They wanted to wait him out. Screw him over,” he said. “Anybody who would say that he’s crazy or wrong, that’s an intel person who should be fired.”

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Phi Beta Iota: General Flynn “gets” the completely dysfunctionality of the US secret intelligence world that refuses to take open source information seriously, and he also “gets” the impact that intelligence as decision-support (the outputs) can have on Whole of Government strategy, policy, operations, and acquisition. If he ends up championing evidence-based government, with 96% of that evidence coming from open sources, then Donald Trump will be the greatest (most informed) President in modern US history.

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