Ty Simpson: Hillary Clinton Wins — 4 Days Early — Watch the Live TV Streaming Numbers — Donald Trump and RNC Complicit?

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Ty Simpson
Ty Simpson

Found this from a lady on FaceBook and convinced her to upload to YouTube.

Phi Beta Iota:
Not only is the election rigged for a 2% “win” by Hillary Clinton (using the same methods she used to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders), but Donald Trump is complicit — he is taking a pre-paid “dive” by pulling his punches, “doing a Gore,” Lynn Rothschild will reward him handsomely (compared to Evelyn Rothchild, the Mickey Mantle of big money, Donald Trump is a snot-nosed 12-year-old wanna-bee — too easy to buy). He made the deal and is screwing us all. We believe the Republican National Committee (RNC) is in on the deal, trades have been made assuring GOP wins at the Governor level, and perhaps even the Senate level, in return for selling out on “the big one.”

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