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CIA and the Wizard of Oz

The Russian hacking story shows there isn’t much to see behind the agency’s curtain

…questioning the CIA’s intellectual authority and politics is essential to keeping it honest, to fulfilling the president’s and Congress’ own responsibility, and to the public’s grip on reality.

In short, the CIA has always been part of the left wing of America’s ruling class. The “Russian hacking affair” is another instance of the perennial effort by which this class defends its claim to be the arbiter of truth and authority. Since the CIA has always possessed far fewer facts with far greater incertitude than the body politic imagines, it confuses its officials’ socio-political predilections with facts.

[The CIA lies with impunity] because the media and the movies have bought into its myths of omniscience and derring-do; and because only very rarely have the presidents and members of Congress whose duty it is to make judgments about foreign affairs questioned what there is behind the CIA’s curtains. Seldom have they exercised their right to look behind them. Had they looked, they would have seen that, behind all those code word classifications — with the exception of military intelligence and a few very “black” programs — there is often very little there.

Phi Beta Iota: The many good people at CIA not-with-standing, CIA is — with NSA — the most toxic of the secret intelligence community elements, spying on US politicians, assassinating thousands worldwide without due process (98% documented innocents), and lying to the public as it pleases. The debacle of John Brennan’s treason in promulgating lies about Russian “hacking” of the US election should be a starting point for a complete reconstruction of the US Intelligence Community.

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