Kevin Barrett: NATO Gladio False Flag Campaign Includes Berlin, Russian Ambassador Assassination, NATO Auditor “Suicide,” More to Come….

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Kevin Barrett

Zio-Gladio strikes Europe! Berlin suspect, NATO auditor shot dead

Truck attack solved via yet another “magic ID card”

Exactly one week before today’s police execution of the “Berlin truck terrorist,” NATO’s chief auditor, Yves Chandelon, was found dead in Andenne, Belgium with a bullet in his head. Official story: Suicide due to financial problems.   . . .  Meanwhile in Ankara, mainstream reports claim that the cop who assassinated Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov last week had served on Erdogan’s security detail. This detail, and its highlighting by the Western mainstream press, adds to the case that the assassination was an Operation Gladio job designed to punish Erdogan for cozying up to Russia and accepting a Syrian peace road map with no NATO involvement. High-level Turks and Russians have been pushing this thesis.

Phi Beta Iota: We agree. Berlin and the assassination of the Russian Ambassador are false flag events. Donald Trump is being set up. Mike Flynn is “gun shy” after seeing his son fired over the pedophilia tweet even thought the son was 100% on the money. Flynn may be afraid of laying out for Trump the very high probabilities of all these false flag attacks being orchestrated by traitors within the US Government that the FBI is not allowed to go after.

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