Berto Jongman: Death of BBC, Questionable Capacity of CIA’s OSE

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Berto Jongman

BBC at risk of death — CIA’s OSE allegedly covers 75% of world to BBC’s 25%.

Open Source Stupidity: The Threat to the BBC Monitoring Service

In addition to further severe budget cuts, BBC Monitoring is currently facing the loss of its Caversham Park headquarters (formerly owned by the Government) and many of its specialists who have no wish to relocate.  . . .   We therefore conclude that the Government must reinstate funding of the service in order to protect its skilled staff and specialist infrastructure. If the BBC is not willing to co-operate, then the Government should recognise the folly of the 2010 decision; take back ownership of Caversham Park; restore the modest central funding required and reconstitute the Monitoring Service as a state-owned Open Source Information Agency, in order to guarantee its future, once and for all.

Phi Beta Iota: The official report from Parliament is worthy of a full read. The BBC is grossly mis-representing the Global Coverage responsibilities of CIA’s OSE — and failing to mention the millions that CIA pays for the BBC under the table and perhaps without that money being reported to the British Parliament. Neither the BBC nor CIA’s OSE actually do OSINT — they do narrow media monitoring, nothing more. The CIA’s clandestine service has restricted everyone stupid enough to listen to them to “passive” OSINT, claiming that the clandestine service has the mandate for all HUMINT including overt experts.  This is of course idiocy. OSINT needs to be removed from the secret world — OSINT is based on the ACQUISITION of legal ethical information not “COLLECTION” subject to the pathetic dysfunctionality of the DNI or CIA. The US Open Source Agency should be a direct report to the Deputy Director of OMB, and provide a Public Daily Brief to the President that a) covers all threats, all policies, all budgets and b) buries the secret President’s Daily Brief, which is one third lies, one third garbage, and one third narrowly focused and often wrong information of little strategic value.

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