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A Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate

Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate

For newcomers to this subject material, it is especially urgent to read this entire “Special Report” so that the Pizzagate lexicon and Pedogate back story can be properly understood.  We also highly recommend the following excellent ebook: PIZZAGATE FOR DUMMIES for those who are unfamiliar with the Pizzagate back story.

Phi Beta Iota: CIA is not a monolythic organization — there are at least seven CIA’s, with the White House, Wall Street, House of Saud, and Drone CIA’s being the most evil — the bulk of CIA personnel are good people trapped in a bad system. CIA is also not the prime force for pedophilia — as with the Mossad, which appears to have sponsored Jeffrey Epstein and Lolita Island with all its video and audio equipment — pedophilia is a means of entrapment and control used in very select “high value” cases. CIA’s greatest value to the elite it its ability to run drugs, guns, money, and children around the world using conscripted US military assets that are provided on a “no questions asked” basis. As with all reports on all topics, the 80-20 rule applies — the above source should be read in detail for context but is in no way an evidentiary offering. For that we need to clean house at the FBI, and then unleash them.

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