Owl: Merkel Plans War with Russia — Enabling ISIS, Creating Army, Who Assassinated NATO’s Head Auditor?

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BREAKING: I believe I have uncovered evidence that Angela Merkel is intentionally allowing ISIS to operate in the EU

The author of this detailed article purports to show German Chancellor Angela Merkel has deliberately and consciously allowed ISIS to operate within German borders for the express purpose of destabilizing Germany and Europe enough to force much deeper EU integration that would be controlled by Germany.  In addition, German control would extend to occupying other European countries under the cover of containing ISIS attacks. The author shows evidence that NATO is covertly supplying a new EU Army that will take on the role of a European occupier. This article contains extensive links to what appears to be reliable sources, and of particular note, it highlights the likely murder several days ago of Yves Chandelon, the Head Auditor of NATO, who may have been in the process of blowing the whistle on NATO supplying the EU Army.

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“With an EU army formed, Merkel will need to look for a good excuse to deploy it. The most likely cover story would be to diffuse some kind of “humanitarian crisis.” What exactly might that crisis look like? There could be a number of reasons, such as fighting “far right racism” against minorities for example. I personally believe that given the evidence I have uncovered about Germany’s complicity in allowing Islamic extremists to enter the EU, the evidence indicates that they are possibly hoping ISIS will stage a major terror incident in one or two locations in the EU, or perhaps across the entire Union. The militaries of multiple countries would inevitably engage in an immediate crackdown following such a severe event and this would most likely focus solely on migrant heavy areas and “no go zones” inhabited by the Muslim minorities in Europe. This would give the EU a perfect humanitarian excuse to justify violating the sovereignty of multiple European nations and centralize power with the EU government, which is mainly German controlled. A conflict in the EU anywhere would be very bad for the United States. Look at all the locations of our military bases across Europe. We would be sucked into any kind of European conflict.

OWL: In addition to what the author says, we believe a further – and perhaps the major goal – of such a plot is to force the people of Europe, with the US drawn in, to fight a war against Russia. A EU Army ostensibly conducting war against ISIS and military operations within Europe would focus in actuality – “behind the scenes” – on removing all political barriers within EU member countries – especially those they occupy – that would put up resistance to war with Russia. Such a plot would been given the green light by a Russia-hating and neocon-controlled Hilary Clinton, had she won the election, as the author correctly points out, but has little chance of success when Trump takes office.

Phi Beta Iota: The fascists did not lose WWII. They were rescued by the USA via Allen Dulles and the CIA, many top fascists were imported to the USA or resettled in Argentina and elsewhere, and then the Black Lily Fund based on gold looted from China and the South Asia by Japan, recovered by MacArthur, Landsdale, and ultimately CIA, was used to restore fascists into leadership in Germany, Italy, and Japan, while subsidizing dictators world wide (e.g. Indonesia) ready to pay lip-service to anti-communism. The NATO “stay-behind” capability, GLADIO, became the virtual Deep State with covert funds and stores of arms, and it is this element that is orchestrating false flag attacks from Norway to Turkey, in partnership with elements of the Zionist state of Israel which has itself become what it once feared: fascist. France's departure from the European Union and Donald Trump's proper reservations about NATO should in our view lead to the cessation of NATO — a complete termination of all US funding for and participation in NATO — and an end to US arms sales subsidized by the US taxpayer. The need for a European Army is questionable given the complete lack of integrity among European leaders, many of them closet fascists and most of them criminals by definition. The US must clean house — for example, the US intelligence community, apart from lying about the Russians hacking the US election, has  also staged false flag Russian submarine attacks on Sweden, with the active complicity of the Swedish military, while other events from the mass atrocity in Norway to the Paris attacks are clearly false flag events with police and military complicity. We have to stop destabilizing the world for the profit of a few, and focus on a foreign policy of peace and commerce. US white supremacists would do well to remember that Russia is “white” as well, and that war is the sport and profit of the 1%, it does not benefit the 99%.

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