Owl: Michel Chossudovsky – Coup Being Led by Banks, Neoconservatives and Military-Industrial Complex Favoring War with Russia — Trump Backed by Main Street and Business Favoring a Foreign Policy of Peace and Commerce

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U.S. Foreign Policy and the Electoral College Vote. Towards a December 19 Surprise?

In a previous article entitled Constitutional Crisis, Movement to Undermine President-elect Donald Trump’s Accession to the White House? I focused on the process of confrontation between the Trump and Clinton factions leading up to the Grand Electoral College Vote on December 19th.

We are not dealing with “class conflict”. What is at stake are rivalries, confrontations and deep divisions within the elite structures with regard to America’s global military agenda. While Hillary is the candidate of the US Military Industrial Complex, her hawkish foreign policy agenda does not directly serve the interests of a large segment of corporate America including a sizeable sector of the oil industry.

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Phi Beta Iota: The Russians did not “hack” the election. There are at least seven different CIAs and seven different NSAs, all competing with one another. Our view is that the good guys took out Hillary Clinton and the bad guys working for the Saudis and Wall Street are trying to take out Donald Trump.

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