Owl: US PizzaGate, UK Rotherham, Pedophiles, Pakistanis, and When the Alt-Right Breaks the Story Mainstream Media Refuses to Cover…

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This is extremely interesting – shows parallels between Pizzagate and Rotherham sex scandal, given the news sources in latter instance:

“The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal first “broke” in the far-right blogosphere. The accusation they made was that these gangs were being allowed to operate undisturbed because everyone was too afraid of “appearing racist” to properly investigate them . . . and nobody listened to the far-right bloggers who were breaking this story because they were afraid of “appearing racist” if they gave any credibility to those far-right sources, too. Never mind that it seemed paranoid to rely on bloggers to report truths like these when the allegations were so wide-reaching, involving a literal conspiracy within the police force. And yet, years after no one was willing to take them seriously, the far-right blogosphere turned out to be right. Well over a thousand (mostly) white young girls were being abused by (mostly) Pakistani gangs. And the authorities were covering it up.

Aedon Cassiel, PizzaGate, The Unz Review, 2 December 2016

Phi Beta Iota: Owl is one of our top contributing editors — governments and corporations pay this individual top dollar for being far ahead of the news. What he is bringing forward here is a convergence between alt-right having substance, the betrayal of the mainstream media and the authorities, the value of bloggers who persist in pursing stories that others try to repress by claiming they are “conspiracy  theorists,” and of, course, pedophilia, the “final veil” that will bring the Establishment down when it is finally crystal clear to the public that a good portion of our elite are not only corrupt, but perverts and Satanists to boot — whom the rest of the elite “embraced” and protected against the public interest.

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