Robert Steele: US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News – UPDATE 22

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

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UPDATE 22: BuzzFeed reports the evidence is simply not there.

The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers

The FBI did not examine the servers of the Democratic National Committee before issuing a report attributing the sweeping cyberintrusion to Russia-backed hackers, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Six months after the FBI first said it was investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, the bureau has still not requested access to the hacked servers, a DNC spokesman said.

NOTE: Since NSA records everything it is possible NSA has the DNC “traffic” in the archives, but on balance we believe that the IC is going to be presenting Donald Trump with fabricated and insubstantial “evidence” that would never stand up in court.  Julian Assange and Ambassador Craig Murray are on record as stating that it was not the Russians and an insider provided much of the material. It is deeply moronic to suggest that Donald Trump is unpatriotic for asking Julian Assange directly, while also having the wit to doubt the word of people whose sole purpose in life is to lie to everybody.

UPDATE 21: Mike Rogers, Lindsey Graham, Amam Kinzinger, and Jake Tapper (Crap News Network) (and two more lightweights not worthy of mention) should all be investigated for lying to the American public.I am just stunned by the lies (and grotesque hyperbole) coming from the Crap News Network. I have spent decades as a spy and proponent of intelligence reform, including testimony to Presidential and Congressional Commissions, and I will say in no uncertain terms: these people are all at best misleading and at worst actively lying to the public.

WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN over [Mike Rogers] calling Assange ‘pedophile'

Phi Beta Iota: What Rogers — clearly an idiot — actually said was that Assange had forced sex with a minor. The fact is that Assange had consensual sex with an age-qualified “groupie” who then sought to extort him. CNN corrected Rogers on air — the sock puppet Jake Tapper got the word from legal over his earpiece — but Rogers is liable (if Assange is not considered a “public person.”). Everyone on that CNN panel, including Tapper, is deeply ignorant and has no business being placed before the public.

We need new laws that demand people speaking to the public under public broadcast licenses tell the truth. The explicit lies (both direct and by omission) being told by those named above are shameful. Here is the bottom line: the elite — and their secret world that is the elite's most important penetration (I use the word advisedly) of the US Government — are FRANTIC.

Donald Trump is on the verge of taking down the Deep State.

I stand for truth, transparency, and his specific fight, I stand with Donald Trump and all those listed under UPDATE 17 — many of them distinguished intelligence veterans — the only people who should be investigated, indicted, and convicted of harming US national security are the “leaders” of the US secret intelligence community — and the media pimps supporting them — and the neoconservatives and agents of Israel and Saudi Arabia that have committed treason for decades, with impunity.

Mike Rogers specifically is full of crap. We do NOT need the secret intelligence community as it is presently structured. They provide less than 4% of what the President needs (according to Marine Corps General Tony Zinni, a man I have admired for decades), they are NOT risking their lives (the vast majority are fat white males sitting in cubicles), and right now, their “leaders” are lying to the President-Elect and the public.

In the grand scheme of things, demonstrating to the public that the US secret world and the mainstream media have lied to them about Russians hacking the election, is the first step toward reinstating proper counterintelligence within the US Government, neutralizing the roughly 500 agents of foreign powers now active across the US secret world, at State, and across the US military, and — the step after that — freeing the Members from corporate money as we move toward evidence-based decision-making in the public interest, instead of the special interests.

This specific briefing, this specific topic, is Donald Trump's Bunker Hill. I pray he buries the enemies of America very very deep.

Just in: Glenn Greenwald takes down Marty Baron, a world-class liar, and the Washington Post, the most degenerate worthless bunch of slave journalists since yellow journalism become a term…

WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

UPDATE 20: Just published

Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Bunker Hill Moment

By challenging the competence and veracity of the secret world, Donald Trump is setting the stage for closing down the Deep State that relies on NSA and CIA spying on Congress and lying to the President — and  transporting drugs, guns, gold, money, and children — in and out of US military bases under the guise of “national security.”

This is a UNIQUE moment in time, I pray that Trump does not chicken out — his advisors are afraid in part because they do not know what I do. See Update 18 for a list of people Trump should be listening to (to his credit, he has spoken to Julian Assange directly).

UPDATE 19: Chris Cuomo at Crap News Network is PATHETHIC! He refuses to admit that intelligence “leaders” LIE.  He questions the integrity of Julian Assange who has done quite a bit for truth and democracy. There are no “sources and methods” that are not already known to all foreign powers [among others, the Chinese and Israelis are all over the inside of NSA's database] — I testified on this larger point — secrecy is primarily a domestic political tool not a foreign operational tool — to the Moynihan Commission. The US IC is empty — it costs too much, does too little, and it has no integrity at the top. William Binney, the CREATOR of the “sources and methods” has said there is no proof and that NSA insiders have told him who did the first DNC leaks. Face it, folks: the IC “leaders” — as with the media — lie to all of us for political effect. We desperately need a Trump Channel that can muster real experts, real people, and real facts — an Open Source Agency can back it up. From 1988 I have been documenting the need for intelligence reform and in 1994 I warned on cyber — the “Establishment,” which is now trying to filter information reaching Trump, refused to listen. These lying “leaders” of the secret intelligence world are the front end for the Deep State and the neo-Nazis and Wall Street financiers that control the Deep State. This is Donald Trump's Bunker Hill moment.

UPDATE 18: Sean Spicer needs to up his game — he is not paying attention to the authoritative voices that strongly differ with the US intelligence community lies about the evidence. When asked, as he just was on Fox — he blew it — he should say

“We question both the competence and veracity of US intelligence leaders — there are too many credible countervailing voices saying that a) cyber-access is impossible to prove and b) the Russians did not leak the emails.”

Here is a linked list in alphabetical order of people saying the Russians did not “hack” the election (just the ones cited here at Phi Beta Iota) — links are provided so Mr. Spicer can do his homework and better serve Mr. Trump.

Assange, Julian (WikiLeaks, with Sean Hannity, Russians not the source)
Assange, Julian (WikiLeaks, with John Pilger Russians not the source)
Bamford, James (NSA author, questions official narrative, Russians did not hack)
Binney, William (created NSA system, accuses CIA)
Binney, William (created NSA system, at ZeroHedge)
Carr, Jeffrey (cyber-security consultant)
Cockburn, Andrew (Challenging CIA's false assertions)
Comey, James (Russians did not influence election)
Cook, Jonathan (Clinton hypocrisy, fake news, perfidy of US false claims)
Dillon, Martin (How Israel gained control over US cyber)
Freeman, Chas (Ambassador)
Giraldi, Philip (conservative former CIA spy)
Greenwald, Glenn (Anonymous leaks are not evidence)
Lee, Robert M. (cyber-security consultant)
McAfee, John (cyber master, I guarantee Russians did not do it)
McGovern, Ray (retired top CIA analyst)
Murray, Craig (UK Ambassador)
Obama, Barack (Hackers didn't sway election)
Owl (the NYPD leaks on the Abedeen emails in the Weiner laptop)
Palast, Greg (Russians did not hack the election, we did)
Price, David (Reasons to be skeptical of CIA claims on Russian hacking)
Pieceznik, Steve (Reagan era State leader, US good guys did it)
Raimondo, Justin (Stop the CIA-Saudi Coup against Donald Trump)
Rappoport, Jon (Elector questions for CIA)
Rappoport, Jon (NSA as front for Israel via Narus and Verint)
Scott James (Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology — no way)
Steele, Robert (former CIA spy, introduced hackers to NSA in 1993)
Stein, Jeff (CIA veterans urge caution on leaks blaming Russia)
Taibbi, Matt (Rolling Stone)
Tancredo, Tom (Breitbart)
Tice, Russ (NSA whistleblower, NSA spies on all politicans including Obama)
Whitbeck, John (Criminal insanity of US claim against Russians)

See Also:

Blum, William (CIA Killing Hope worldwide)
Bowden, Mark (USG knows nothing of cyber)
Clark, Wesley (General, foreign policy coup)
Halperin, Morton (Rule 1: Lie to the president)
Nixon, John (CIA wrong on everything re Iraq)
Lewis, Charles (935 Lies)
Parry, Robert (Establishment's war on truth – fake news false flag campaign)
Pilger, John (Western media as mass fabrication)
Prouty, Fletcher (CIA as secret team for Wall Street)
Risen, James (Greed and endless war)
Steele, Robert (Fixing Intelligence II)
Steele, Robert (original warning letter to White House in 1994)
Talbot, David (Devil's Chessboard — CIA as home for Nazis)
Wilkerson, Lawrence (CIA lies, oligarchy controls complex)
Zinni, Tony (General, 4% “at best”)

The silver lining in this dark cloud is that it gives Donald Trump all the validation he needs with respect to the incompetence, incapability, and disloyalty of the US secret intelligence community.

Eliminating the Office of the Director of National Intelligence does not go far enough — he must create the Open Source Agency (OSA) and the Trump Channel; flush and then empower the FBI to go after all the traitors burrowed into the US Government (USG), and sharply reduce the secret world, eradicating the two thirds that is waste, consolidating the secret bits under a restored Director of Classified (vice Central) Intelligence (DCI) who shall have no authority over the OSA or the FBI.

A new Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) should become the new presidential oversight authority for centralized decision-support (what intelligence is supposed to be) to Whole of Government, with the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the Collection Requirements and Evaluation Staff (CRES) and the OSA as well as the FBI as “direct reports” within OMB — the Department of Justice is not serious about counterintelligence and does not know how to manage it.

The lies being told by the US secret intelligence “leaders” are a heaven-sent opportunity to clean house — get rid of the traitors and the incompetents — and in the process, destroy the Deep State and end control of the USG by Wall Street and foreign powers.


1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

Fixing Intelligence II: Seven Precepts (PORTAL)

Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

ZeroHedge: The Same Idiots Who Pushed the Iraq War Are Now Stirring Up Hysteria About Russia

UPDATE 17: Team Trump needs to a) create an intelligence community that actually “does” intelligence (decision-support) useful to the President, the Cabinet, and Congress; and b) shut John Bolton down — the man is a war-mongering idiot.

Intelligence for the President–and Everyone Else

On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes

The National Military Strategy: Dishonest Platitudes

Re-Inventing National Security — Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and a Three-Million Soldier Home-Based Army

It merits comment that if Trump does not embrace the first three recommendations in the below Christmas message — but ideally all seven — he will continue to deal with a two-party tyranny that hates him — the Republicans cannot be trusted. Trump needs to mobilize the totality of voters, bury the two-party tyranny, and create a Trump Channel that bypasses the fake news corrupt media entirely (it would be two-way with issue-based polling at the Congressional district level).

Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

UPDATE 16: As published in Russia, by the Russian International Affairs Council, and probably now read by both Putin (Russian version) and Trump — but keep tweeting Trump, he's still not reading my proposal for dismantling the US secret world, at Fixing Intelligence II.

Russian International Affairs Council: The Russians Did Not “Hack” the US Election – a Few Facts from a Former CIA Spy

UPDATE 15: Watching the sock puppets on Crap News Network I have to say this again: the US secret world does not know anything useful! They spend money, that's it. General Tony Zinni is on record as saying that he got, “at best,” 4% of what he needed to know from the secret world. Then we have the recent book documenting that everything the CIA thought it knew about Iraq and Saddam Hussein was WRONG! I have written eight books (two with Forewords by Chairman of the SSCI) and many chapters and articles, all FAILING the secret world, which ignores eight of the ten high-level threats to humanity. Put bluntly, they don't know jack, they just posture.

In my experience, the US secret world does not know, lies, gets it wrong, or has 4% of  the needed information and is totally lacking in the holistic context that indigenous peoples have.

The President's Daily Brief is CRAP. CIA still does not know how to brief ten threats, twelve policies, and eight demographics — across the four levels of analysis (strategic, policy, operations, acquisition). They publish “one size fits all” CRAP. This is very much a case of the naked Emperor, Donald Trump is coming into this with his eyes wide open, not — as the liars would have him enter — blindly trusting their baloney. There are very good reasons why one of the seven recommendations to Donald Trump focuses on counterintelligence. It's time we clean house.

Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

UPDATE 14: Cyrrilic keyboard?  Used to CREATE the malware that was then used by SOMEONE ELSE? Are you kidding me? Here is a table showing Russian speakers around the world including over a million in Israel and 879,434 in the USA — never mind all the digital on-screen keyboard simulators. And there is no connection between creation, utilization, and leaking.

Let me say it again: everybody including the Israelis, Chinese, and NSA has been spying on US political personalities and organizations. No one is speaking responsibly to the fact that the Russians did not leak any of the emails — NSA employees and an insider leaked the emails from the DNC, Podesta fell to a singleton hacker and gave up his password, and the NYPD confiscated the Weiner laptop.

There is no evidence the Russians altered any vote count on any voting machine, while there is indisputable evidence that Hillary Clinton tampered with electronic voting machines so as to steal thirteen specific primaries from Bernie Sanders.

Why is it that the media is not focusing on the FACT that NSA and CIA are spying on all US politicians including both the existing President and the incoming President-Elect?

Why is no one  focusing on the decades of regime change operations and dirty tricks the CIA has been responsible for, Killing Hope over 200 times to the point that many worldwide call us the Assassination Nation?

Bottom line: neither the US secret intelligence community nor the media can be trusted to tell the truth. They are best ignored. We need an Open Source Agency and a Trump Channel.

Former NSA Officer William Binney: CIA Lying About Russians Hacking DNC

No proof Russian hacking influenced U.S. election: Trump spokesman

Obama ignores evidence Russia didn't hack DNC, Podesta

Tancredo: Biggest Fake News Story of the Year Is Russia Hacking the 2016 Election

UPDATE 13: How to Fake Evidence and Lie to a President. I have faked evidence for the CIA. It's very simple. You create fake reports as if human and signals assets have reported something. You can also fabricate documents including alleged copies of top secret messages.

The person being lied to never talks to the alleged human asset (CIA does not have any of them in Moscow that have not been doubled) or hears the actual conversation (which is too easy to fake if you want to do that — replicating specific voices is child's play). If you are the Israelis, you plant broadcast units (for example, in Qadafi's compound, or in Moscow) and broadcast real but actually fake signals knowing the Americans will pick them up.

Or you insert fake signals into the NSA database — a piece of cake. Or you collaborate with paid traitors in any given European country (Germany, for example) who will pass on the fabricated intercepts as if they were real.

Rule 1 in Washington is “Lie to the President if you can get away with it.” I am not backing down on this one. Any evidence Donald Trump is shown is going to be, in my view, faked evidence.

The Russians did not hack the election, the Russians did not leak the emails (whose content is acknowledged by the originators to be real).

As with torture and drones, the secrecy mandarins are doubling down on their lies. The below two documents are being published in peer-reviewed journals this month and next.

I accuse the “leaders” of the US intelligence community of being liars and being knowingly complicit in falsifying evidence in order to further the objectives of the military-industrial complex and the neo-Nazi cabal that is allowed to live as a parasite within the US Deep State.

Bottom line: the US intelligence community can not be trusted to tell the truth to the President. Instead, they spy on the President and strive to blackmail US politicians as a matter of routine. The time has come to close them down. They are what makes the Deep State possible — slam the secret world into a small box and the Deep State dies.

UNHINGED Review of Rebuttal and Broken! 2.5

UNHINGED Drone Assassination 3.3

UPDATE 12: Jeffrey Carr and Robert M. Lee trash DHS-FBI report, no evidence. Ambassador Chas Freeman trashes DHS-FBI report.

UPDATE 11: White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election and Was Claim by Department of Homeland Security and FBI About Russian Hacking Fake News?

UPDATE 10: See All “Russians Did Not Do It” at Phi Beta Iota — Bamford, Binney, Giraldi, McGovern, Pieceznik, Steele

UPDATE 9: As published in Defence and Intelligence Norway The Russians Did Not “Hack” the US Election – a Few Facts from a Former CIA Spy. See also Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, Something About This Russia Story Stinks

UPDATE 8: John Bolton is the Jim Woolsey of the right…and Fox News is the Crap News Network of the right. Bill Clinton was president is 1994 when Robert Steele warned the White House and called for a billion dollars a year (today that would be ten billion dollars a year) for cyber-security — but Dick Cheney, the de facto president following Bill Clinton, also chose to ignore the acute cyber-vulnerability of all systems across the USA.

We say again: there is ZERO evidence warranting a singling out of the Russians. Trump should ask NSA how it is doing on blocking the Chinese riding the electrical circuits into NSA's computers (this is the real reason NSA has been frantically building its own power plants the last few years).

UPDATE 7: [William Binney], Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report

UPDATE 6: Jim Woolsey is dissembling — he's the perfect guest for the Crap News Network (CNN). Wake up call? The Air War College produced superb papers in 1993-1994 very clearly identifying the cyber-vulnerabilities in finance, power, and communications.

Robert Steele did the letter to the White House in 1994 co-signed by Winn Schwartau, Bill Caelli, and NSA's own senior cyber-security engineer Jim Anderson (anonymous at the time). We were IGNORED.

The US Government has been willfully irresponsible for a quarter century. Combine that with the FACT that NSA and CIA spy on all our politicians to much greater effect than the Russian ever could, and you get a hypocrisy heart-attack.

UPDATE 5: Robert is available for media interviews. Contact. When Trump meets with the US IC leaders next week they will lie to him. In addition to Fixing Intelligence II Trump should collaborate with Congress to do deep hearings on NSA and CIA spying on US politicians, and on Israeli and Saudi penetrations of NSA and CIA as well as the FBI and DHS.

The SASC not the SSCI should do the cyber-security hearings and at the same time, integrate an examination of the degree to which the FBI has been prevented from going after 500 traitors — including politicians who are subject to blackmail — who undermine our national security as well as our national economy.

UPDATE 4: Note to Trump: US intelligence “leaders” know nothing about computers — they are being fed — as you are — falsified information from controlled intermediaries. The sources are not there and neither is the analysis. Yes, Russia snooped. No, Russia did not leak.

Mike Huckabee touches on one big factor: why are we still vulnerable? Because NSA refused to secure US C4I. No one is asking the other big question: why are NSA and CIA still spying on you — and all other US politicians — with impunity?

UPDATE 3: What's new and cool? Trump & Putin showing restraint while both they and the public understand the US secret world and the US media lie for a living. This may be the first World War stopped in its tracks by public intelligence.

UPDATE 2: Original 1994 warning letter to USG that was ignored; Mark Bowden on 1st Digital World War — US lost because USG is incompetent at everything cyber — willfully so.

UPDATE 1: John McAfee: ‘I Can Guarantee You, It Was Not the Russians'


The neo-fascist, neo-conservative coup against Donald Trump, the accidental president, continues. General Wesley Clark clearly articulated the success of the first coup. Others have articulated how the Deep State controls not just the US Government, but the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the parent of Gladio false flag terrorism (which just assassinated the NATO Chief Auditor and probably the Russian Ambassador in Turkey as well), and Germany, where Angela Merkel is planning a European army and a European war against Russia rooted in illegal immigration she has encouraged and false flag attacks in which she is complicit.

Vladimir Putin is to be saluted for not expelling US officers — most known to Russia, CIA's dirty little secret is that it does not have a deep bench and will lie to the President about this — when Donald Trump takes power, among his priorities must be the cleansing of the FBI (cleaning out the pedophile, Zionist, Opus Dei, and Wall Street “protectors”) rapidly followed by a tripling of the FBI budget and a redirection on the 500 traitors who actively betray the public interest on behalf of foreign powers.

Israel and Saudi Arabia, not Russia, are the most culpable sponsors of treason within the US Government. NSA and CIA are the absolute top culprits responsible for spying on — and blackmailing — US politicians including President Barack Obama who has been under constant electronic surveillance since he was a junior Senator. NSA and CIA — and through NSA the Israelis and through CIA the Saudis — have every intimate moment Barack Obama has ever had, on tape and ready for release. Similarly, many Senators and Congressman are “on tape” and being “handled” by the Deep State.

Below are a few facts and links that give the lie to the Clinton-Brennan-Obama narrative.

Were I not so committed to Truth & Reconciliation and moving on, I would call for the impeachment of Barack Obama, John Kerry, Jim Clapper, and John Brennan specifically, for high crimes and misdemeanors in fomenting war with Russia on the basis of lies. I am reminded of Dick Cheney's 935 now-documented lies that led us to multiple elective wars and occupations in which Saudi Arabia funded our traitors and the tax-payer paid $5 trillion to create a swath of destruction from Afghanistan to Niger.

I must emphasize, the Deep State “owns” both the Republican and Democratic leaderships — there is no difference between the two parties, both must be “put down” along with the 500 or so bureaucrats and burrowed-in traitors that the FBI has not been allowed to go after, not least because the FBI is itself compromised.

Here is the DHS-FBI report: DHS-FBI Crap Report on Russian Cyber

FACT: In no way does this unprofessional “high school level” report demonstrate that the Russians “hacked” anything, least of all the DNC (that was NSA hacking-leaking and insider leaking) and Podesta (that was a singleton phishing expedition by someone who does not speak Russian, we know this from their Yandex account set-up). As I note in the below proposed press release delivered to Jim Clapper via email — his last opportunity to grasp what little is left of his integrity — there is a difference between hacking, leaking, and manipulating. My summary for Jim Clapper is still the best summary of what actually happened, the other three links are the best technical denunciation of the lies from DHS-CIA-FBI, my own early summary with structured links, and a final link to all posts at this blog focused on the false narrative against the Russians.

FACT: NSA and CIA spy on US politicians to a degree that no foreign service could ever match. They do this with impunity. No one seems to have the balls to make this an issue. This is the story of our time, along with the pathological ineptitude of the US secret intelligence world, that collects everything digital, ignores everything known by humans that is not digital, and consequently knows nothing of value to the President, the Cabinet, Congress, or our military commanders — one them, Tony Zinni, is on record as saying he received, “at best” 4% of what he needed to know from US secret sources and methods.

Robert Steele: Is Blaming the Russians a Desperate Attempt to Cover Up US Intelligence Community Routine Spying on US Politicians Including the President?

Robert Steele: Fake News as Treason — An Indictment of CIA, NSA & Everyone Else…Russians Did Not Hack Election, This is a Coup in Progress…

Graphic: Tony Zinni on 4% “At Best”

Tony Zinni: Background & Confirmation of the 4% “At Best” Quote on Secret versus Open Sources

Intelligence for the President–and Everyone Else

On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes

FACT: The Russians have certainly done their share of cyber-snooping but in no way does this translate into “hacking” the US election — Clinton did the voting machines until DHS and others closed down that options, one reason Donald Trump won “accidentally,” and the Israelis did vastly more than the Russians in their campaign of cyber snooping, Google search manipulation, Facebook censorship, and fake news including very active slander against Donald Trump. The Israeli — and Saudi — and German — day of reckoning is coming. I pray that is rooted in Truth & Reconciliation — my version is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail.” From an objective point of view, there is no comparison between Russian (or Chinese, French, and German) cyber-snooping against the USA — at the high-school level — and Israeli cyber-control. The Israelis “own” not just NSA, but DHS and most law enforcement communications and computing networks across the USA.

Graphic: How Hillary Clinton Stole the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders — and Did Not Legally Win the Popular Vote

Mongoose: Hillary Clinton Electoral Fraud Confirmed by Stanford University — Bernie Sanders Won…

FadedRose: Uncounted Votes – How Clinton Stole California with the Active Complicity of Bernie Sanders?

Worth a Look: Black Box Voting — Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century

4th Media: Wayne Madsen – US Counterintelligence Locked Down to Protect Zionist Penetrations?

Berto Jongman: Zionist Mole in White House, Lewinsky Audio Tapes by Mossad Used to Blackmail Clinton –Tie in USS Liberty, Zionist Role in JFK, Saudis on 9/11

CounterPunch: An End to AIPAC, An End to Zionist Subversion of US Government and US Policy?

Gareth Porter: Obama’s False Narrative on Iran — Zionists — and Sunni Dictators “Own” the White House and the Black House

Jim Dean: Zionist Penetration of US Academia — Boycott by ASA, Counter-Attack, Need for Religious Counterintelligence Most Urgent

Owl: Saudi Terrorists and Zionist Terrorists — From Same Jewish Roots?

Penguin: NSA = Zionists Ubber Alles

Penguin: It’s Official – NSA Puts Zionist Israel Ahead of USA, Compromises Official US Government Communications in Favor of Zion

Jon Rappoport: NSA as Front for Two Israeli Companies, Narus and Verint, Specializing in Mass Surveillance & Getting Zionist Copy of Everything

Review: Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy–The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul

FACT: The US secret intelligence world is the foundation for the Deep State that rescued fascism after WWII — not only exfiltrating the top Nazis and their treasures but then turning around and using the Black Lily Fund (the gold captured in the Philippines, China is about to get the other 150 stashes, we only got 25) to restore fascist politicians in Germany, Italy, and Japan, while funding dictators across Africa and Asia — e.g. Indonesia — willing to pay lip service to anti-communism. The secret world — largely the rogue elements of the CIA and FBI — is also the facilitator for Deep State movement of drugs, guns, cash, and children — the latter into pedophilia/snuff pipelines — using conscripted military assets on a “no questions asked basis.” The degree of depravity within the rogue elements of the US secret world cannot be over-stated. Combined with torture and drone assassination, the latter with a 98% collateral damage or death of innocents rate, as well as the “gold war” against Russia managed by CIA from 1998 to 2001 and now by George Soros and the Rothschilds, and there is every reason for President-Elect Trump to consider a deep deep cleansing of the US secret world with what we in the Latino world call “con significancia” — with significance. It will hurt. Leaving this cesspool of depraved amoral assholes intact will hurt more. Donald Trump's toughest opponents will be the Republican Party leadership — they are heavily invested in war as a business model, they are “controlled” by the Deep State, and they are delusional in not understanding that the next big leak is going to bury them by name.

Review: Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold

Berto Jongman: Gold War – China Takes Philippines

Review (Guest): The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

Review (Guest): The American Deep State – Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on US Democracy

Review (Guest): Pay Any Price – Greed, Power, and Endless War

Fletcher Prouty: How CIA Really Works

Fletcher Prouty: The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World

Danny Sheehan with Gary Null: Four Interviews – New Reflections on The Deep State, Money, Nazis, and Murder

Mike Lofgren: Anatomy of the Deep State

Mike Lofgren: Inside the US Deep State — How Elites Control Politicians and Bureaucrats — Openly

Mike Lofgren: War as a Business Model

Robert Steele: The Two-Party Tyranny and Faux Intelligence as Enablers of the Deep State

Yoda: Deep State – Satanic State – Pedophilia State

FACT: 80-90% of what we need to know in the way of intelligence (decision-support) can and should be derived from open source and methods. The secret world calls Open Source Intelligence (and me, its founder) “open sores.” They are absolutely terrified that President-Elect Trump will focus on the one thing that Jim Woolsey and I agree on: 75% of the secret world is worthless, it's budget could and should be cut to $25B (Woolsey's number) to $30B (my number). An Open Source Agency (OSA) at $3B a year will not only provide the President and the Cabinet with what they need to know across 150 topics now ignored by the secret world, but will do so in tailored support to strategy, policy, operations, and acquisition, distinctions not understood by the existing “one size fits” all secret intelligence world. Intelligence reform can be job and revenue neutral across all political boundaries; it merits comment that migrating from an over-emphasis on technical collection that is not processed to a global open source and overt human collection emphasis where processing is multinational and multilingual, will create thousands of jobs for normal people — the only losers will be the beltway bandits over-charging by 50%.

Reflections: Philosophy of Intelligence

2017 Robert Steele: OSINT Done Right

Robert Steele: Open Source (Technologies) Agency

Former CIA Spy Has A Christmas Message For Trump

Robert Steele: Reinventing the US Army Part I – An American Grand Strategy

Fixing Intelligence II: Seven Precepts (PORTAL)

FACT: The era of secrecy enabling the few to profit from war and waste is over. The Internet is in its infancy — Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube are all censoring alternative views while the mainstream media continues to pump out “fake news” — what Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman so famously called “manfacturing consent,” our schools are “weapons of mass instruction,” but the tide has  turned. Unlike WWI and WWII, both wars started by bankers who funded both sides of each war and used lies to turn incidents into war, the public is smarter now. The public now understands that CIA, the NYT, and CNN — and the others — are all crap — sock puppets with zero integrity — they cannot be relied upon to tell the truth because no one has been holding them accountable for telling the truth. Donald Trump may not rise to the occasion, but Mike Flynn, his National Security Advisor, is acutely aware of the mediocrity of both secret intelligence and the media as now owned by Wall Street, and also acutely aware that a Trump Channel and an Open Source Agency could change everything for the better. The revolution has begin. I pray it is non-violent.

Robert Steele: Throw Press Out of White House — Create the Presidential Grand Strategy, Public Communications, & Open Source Intelligence Center (Trump Channel) UPDATE 1: Schumer Channel Created!

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