Nori Huddle: Assassination of NATO Chief Auditor to Conceal €250 Black Budget for NATO-Sponsored Terrorism — Media Black-Out Occurring by Design

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Norie Huddle

Media blackout on death of NATO auditor – was he assassinated to cover-up NATO’s black budget?

In the weeks leading up to his assassination, at the hands of top NATO officials themselves who ordered the job, Chandelon reportedly came in possession of additional dossiers that document supplementary details for the previously assumed €250 billion black hole in NATO’s books. It is believed that the data included therein would also have enabled Chandelon to be at the basis of corruption charges being brought against NATO’s top officials and the Belgian government, who hosts the dubious NATO headquarters in its capital district, and enough incriminating evidence concerning NATO’s secret funding of real terror cells both in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine) AND in Europe, including in Turkey.

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Phi Beta Iota: The US contributes over €1,004,548,996 a year to NATO (this does not count the secret funding and the organized pro-terror funding from Qatar and Saudi Arabia). Donald Trump should order a total pause in all US funding for all foreign governments, militaries, and organizations including the UN and NATO, and have a rapid 30 day evaluation of how all those funds could be better applied to US domestic needs. Donald Trump should host a Grand Strategy Summit, and if validated by that Summit, begin closing all US bases overseas, bringing our troops — and their wallets — home. As noted in suggestion #6 in the first link below, Donald Trump also needs to clean house at the FBI and then triple its budget to take out all the traitors across the national security enterprise. The assassination of the Russian Ambassador, the false foundation for the expulsion of 35 Russians from the USA, the false flag truck murders in Berlin, Angela Merkel’s plans for a European Army and a war on Russia, are all connected. No one is  thinking serious about all of this.

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