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Challenged, are they…

U.S.-China Relations in the Age of Trump

James Fallows, Uri Friedman, and Atlantic readers discuss the ramifications of a Trump presidency when it comes to the U.S.’s complicated relationship with China.

Phi Beta Iota: The article is excellent in relation to the complexity of dealing with China, and worthless in relation to dealing with the complexity of Trump — these people are not stupid, merely oblivious.

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I could not help myself. When I saw this pop into the line-up for tomorrow, I scheduled it for immediate posting (we already have three items for tomorrow) and used the email provided by The Atlantic and sent in the following (invited) comment.

Subject: Trump, China, Twitter, and the Atlantic

Sad to see all of you not get it on Trump and change.

01 No one tells a real president of the USA who they can and cannot talk to. Trump knew precisely what he was doing in taking the call.

02 CIA — I used to work for them, after decades in Asia growing up and as a Marine officer — has absolutely no clue on China. When Tenet lied to Congress and said he had “doubled” CIA analysts focused on China, he was referring to going from four to eight, most of them children. Trump is absolutely correct to ignore the President’s Daily Brief which I know from direct experience is one third lies, one third crap, and one third stuff I can get from open sources with more integrity.

03 Twitter is just the warm up act. I look for Trump to throw the press corps out of the White House and create some kind of interactive grand strategy room that will also house the Trump Channel, where he and his surrogates will communicate directly with the public — some major advances are needed in polling — most of the polling today is downright retarded as well as dishonest — but I anticipate some form of near real time national ballot polling during Trump’s tenure.

04 As for The Atlantic, sorry, but you have joined the President’s Daily Brief in the trash heap of history. Time to put that lovely building up for sale.

With best wishes,
Robert Steele

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