Robert Steele: Barack Obama Mis-Informed, John Brennan a Liar — Van Jones (Crap News Network) and Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook) are All Outright Liars — Fake News is What White House, Mainstream & Social Media Mandarins “Do” UPDATE 2

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Robert David Steele

UPDATE 2: Calls to delay electoral college vote on Trump presidency as 70 members demand Russia hack details

UPDATE 1: Sam Biddle at The Intercept: Here’s the Public Evidence Russia Hacked the DNC — It’s Not Enough

Here is the “official” narrative from the White House relying on CIA (John Brennan, not the many good honest people at CIA), as re-played by Crap News Network (CNN) and others, and enforced by Facebook, Google, and YouTube:

01 The Russians “hacked” the US election. Never mind that they never touched a voting machine, did not actually leak anything, and did not affect the voting outcome. Donald Trump is an illegitimate candidate who would not have won if all the emails about pedophilia, electoral fraud against Bernie Sanders, treason including classified information send to IP addresses in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and charity fraud had not come out.

02 All citizen reports and opinions that question the official narrative are “fake news” and should be treated as spam (much the way Zionists now mass to label all criticisms of Zionist atrocities in Palestine and Zionist bribery and blackmail of US officials as “spam” so as to repress these views).

03 The good news: a majority of the public now understands that all institutions but particularly the mainstream media and the US intelligence community, cannot be trusted to deliver the truth about anything.

The facts are:

01 A coup is underway, a very deliberate effort to suborn a sufficiency of electors to overturn the clear results of the flawed but legitimate election. A strange mix of neoconservatives, Zionists, New York money, and failed Democratic operatives — not the public at large — is committing treason.

02 Russians did not hack the election. Barack Obama has been mis-informed but is also willfully enabling a treasonous mis-representation to the public that amounts to unconstitutional jury-tampering against the Electoral College. Donald Trump won because DHS took away the electronic voting fraud option from Hillary Clinton that she used to steal thirteen states from Bernie Sanders, and the CONTENT of the leaked emails crucified her and John Podesta and Huma Abedine as pedophiles, criminals, and traitors. Donald Trump also won the popular vote vote in every state except California, and would have won the total electoral vote absent a few million dead and duplicate and illegal alien voters (mostly in California but also in New York and Florida). And has everyone forgotten Clinton’s health, the spasm attack at the 9/11 site, the constant attending doctor with a syringe ever-ready? The public noticed.

03 CNN, NYT, WashPost, and Huffington Post as well as The Hill and others are the greatest purveyors of “fake news” — they not question the official narrative or they would have Julian Assange, Craig Murray, William Binney, James Bamford, Phil Geraldi, Ray McGovern, and many other retired officers ready to testify that John Brennan is a liar and does not have evidence and does not represent the CIA or the combined more thoughtful larger intelligence community. The evidence is not there — this is a lie created for political effect. The real back story is that NSA and CIA have spied on US politicians including the President for decades, with impunity, and no one wants to air that dirty little secret which is actually “root.” The media refuses to be serious about anything including treason and electoral reform.

04 Modern electronic censorship has been pioneered by Eric Schmidt and is now being implemented by Facebook, Google, and YouTube (owned by Google), with Twitter, PayPal, and Amazon (comments questioning the veracity of authors and reviewers are being deleted) to also join in. There is clearly a need for a blockchain alternative to all of them, steemit is not it, but a good start. The illegal search manipulation and blocking of opinion done by all of these, but particularly Google and Facebook, are sufficient to warrant an investigation, indictment, and jail time for the authorizing executives at Google and Facebook, for tens of millions of dollars in undeclared illegal in kind donations to the Clinton campaign.

Below are a few sets of links on this matter. I believe that John Brennan should be fired, the CIA report rescinded, and the Electoral College told the truth — he made this stuff up for political reasons. It saddens me deeply that James Clapper, specifically, does not have the integrity to do this himself as a grace note on his way out the door. Donald Trump is his own worst enemy — he refuses to accept that he is a “fringe” president elected by accident, by 27% of the eligible voters, and he refuses to “unrig” the system as his first order of business, which calls into question his actual agenda if confirmed by the Electoral College….but I do expect more from my professionals, including a rebellion within CIA against a political appointee that is clearly challenged on all fronts — moral and intellectual as well as physical.

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