Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Future — Over Reince Priebus’s Dead Body…

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

As things now stand, Donald Trump will not finish his first term. This will be Donald Trump's fault — and Reince Priebus' fault.

I explicitly accuse Reince Priebus of betraying Donald Trump by sacrificing the protection of Donald Trump and the longer-term healing of the country to Priebus's own vested interests in protecting the short-term triumph of the Republican Party, and the pedophile Establishment of which Priebus is at a minimum an enabler and protector if not an actual participant, not only in relation to the nation-wide pedophilia cabal, but the Wisconsin and Wyoming axis of impunity that will show the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska to be the teaser that it was.

I explicitly accuse Priebus of favoring the two-party tyranny that hates Donald Trump and controls 30% of the eligible voters, over an Electoral Reform Act that would legitimize Donald Trump with the 26% who voted against him and the 47% who did not vote at all, and in so doing, empower Trump beyond the two-party tyranny, allowing Trump to survive the inevitable demise of the Republican Party.

Here is the Memorandum that was received by Reince Priebus (and Sean Spicer separately) via certified mail and that has been withheld by Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer (both spies on Trump for the Republican Party leadership) from Donald Trump.

DOC (10 Pages): Spy Xmas Msg to DT 2.4

The Memorandum has been published free online in unabridged version with over 75,000 views (The Mind Unleashed) and abridged version with over 175,000 views (ZeroHedge).

For fifteen months since first beginning my support for Donald Trump with my CounterPunch article, Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win, I have both forecast the depth of the forces arrayed against Trump, and sought to connect with him to point out that he has seven aces in the hole, one of which would wipe out all opposition overnight: an Electoral Reform Act. Such an Act would free Members from their dependency on financial support from the complexes, and empower Trump beyond the 30% of the votes now controlled by the two-party tyranny, ultimately giving Trump more votes from across the 70% now disenfranchised, than the two-party tyranny can muster as one (make no mistake, there is still no difference between the Republican and Democratic Party “Establishment,” they both hate Donald Trump and both fear all of the reforms of which he is capable).

It is my “judgment” (as with the “judgments” of the US Intelligence Community (IC), I have no proof, this is my best formulation from across many weak signals) that the Republican Party is going to be destroyed by WikiLeaks and other revelations independent of WikiLeaks, beginning in 2017.

As with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the John Podesta leaks, the sources will be insiders, not the Russians as the US IC and its blackmailed Members in Congress continue to claim. When the Republican Party is inevitably destroyed, the Democratic Party will claim one or both houses of Congress and from 2018 we can expect either grid-lock or the impeachment of Donald Trump — teams are already assembling the material needed to bring such charges against him.

What I am hearing here (all second hand, no direct sources) are three things:

Most positive: Trumps team has actually been formed to take down the Empire — he wanted and needed Goldman Sachs insiders who would know the pain points for negotiation.

In the middle: Goldman Sachs and the neo-Nazis/neo-conservatives including rogue US secret intelligence community elements are satisfied that they have sufficiently intimidated Trump so they can control him, he will become another puppet president.

Most negative: Democrats and Republicans are already planning impeachment proceedings against Trump, with the intent of leaving Mike Pence and a Democratic female as VP in a “reconciliation” ticket that negates the election and buries all possibilities of an electoral reform act.

Right now I think no one — including Trump himself — actually knows which of these three scenarios will play out. The 100-Day Plan is deeply flawed because it does not provide for legitimization and counterintelligence as the twin foundations for surviving treason among Republican Party leaders in active collaboration with Democratic Party leaders and Wall Street banksters.

Donald Trump is surrounded by traitors, starting with his Chief of Staff designee, Reince Priebus. Donald Trump's Oval Office and all official locations where Donald Trump is likely to do business are wired for video and audio by the US IC — he will have no secrets at all absent his recognizing that the same official elements that assassinated John F. Kennedy are now working toward his assassination, impeachment, or neutralization, on behalf of their Wall Street masters, and he is entering a rat-invested White House.

To survive — and to serve the Republic — Trump needs to send Priebus back to the RNC, demand an Electoral Reform Act of 2017 of the Congress, and get serious about counterintelligence at a depth and breadth none of his people have ever contemplated.



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