Robert Steele: On Strike Against Amazon

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

For those who are not seeing me comment when they address me on Amazon, please be advised that I am on strike. I will no longer review books, post comments, or reply to comments. Amazon is now “pay to play” for voice. To post a review that will be shown the purchase must be “verified” which eliminates all of top reviewers that receive complementary copies from publishers, or those who buy the book at a conference or elsewhere — say a bookstore. To post a comment one must have a “credit” of documented purchases at Amazon. So no offense intended to those who take the time to complement one of my 2000+ reviews.

I am pretty sure Jeff Bezos does not realize some moron has thrown his integrity under the bus, and will hope that these criminally insane policies are reversed.  Unless and until that happens, I will not contribute content at Amazon. I am also making plans to offer my books for direct sale, leaving Amazon entirely. This is a real shame, because I continue to believe Amazon could be the hub of a World Brain, as I lectured them in 2007.

2007 Amazon as Hub of World Brain — 2013 Clean Movie Has Just Become Available


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