Mongoose: DoD Leaked Video – Vaccine that Modifies Behavior – We Do Not Make This Stuff Up!

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Phi Beta Iota: The vaccine industry is a criminal scam made possible by the criminal organization within the US Government known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Below are several additional links provided by an Alert Reader. It is vritually certain that Bill Gates' focus on vaccinations — he has been found to include sterilization in some of his Latin American issues — is intended to reduce the population of “useless eaters” as Henry Kissinger calls them. It is probably also intended as a bio-weapon in future resource wars. The US Government as presented organized cannot be trusted. An Electoral Reform Act and the restoration of evidence-based governance with integrity is essential. Since Donald Trump knows personally (Byron negatively impacted by vaccines) that this is all true, CDC is a starting point for ripping the heart out of the Deep State, after we purge the secret world of its traitors (mostly at NSA and CIA).

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