Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Next 7 Moves

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Donald Trump’s Next Moves

7 Predictions from Robert David Steele

01 Preibus Goes

Preibus’s role in life – Trump has known this – has been to prevent Trump from unrigging the system – Reince Preibus is the face of the Establishment and the leading mole in the White House.

02 Trump Doubles-Down on Wrong Approach to National Security & National Strategy

There are really two issues here. First, Trump needs a National Strategy Advisor who can do Whole of Government strategy and stop the continued efforts of the neo-cons to pick fights we cannot win and cannot afford; and second, Trump needs to purge the US government of roughly 500 traitors concentrated in the national security bureaucracy. Trump is going to get this wrong again.

03 Bannon Gets Playmates

This will shock some, but the idea is being considered and the main players get it. The Trump team is too white, too old, and too fat. They need black – Cynthia McKinney – and skinny center-left ethical – Dennis Kucinich. Throw in Ralph Nader supporting Jeff Sessions in some capacity, and Jesse Ventura as Governor-General with Mike Huckabee as a side-kick – both assuring state rights are front and center, and you have a diversity machine ready to kick some ass. This will stop the looming “American Spring” violence being planned by George Soros and others, if Trump also barnstorms the country with his new team – 50 states in 30 days – explaining to the public why  they should demand and embrace the …

04 Electoral Reform Act

The system is rigged twelve different ways. We fix that and it changes everything. There is one big move – and one big move only – that can slam the Establishment back into a small box, liberate the Members from financial dependences, empower Trump with the popular vote across all boundaries, and make evidence-based governance in the public interest possible. The Electoral Reform Act that many activists have been calling for since Occupy first considered the matter in 2011 is a transformative move.

05 Trump Channel

Preibus stopped the original and correct instinct of the president, to throw the press corps out of the White House. A Trump Channel – picture a daily seven-minute Presidential fireside chat, multiple fifteen minute briefs by Cabinet officials across all policy domains, and presidential tweets that ask a question answered by 150 million or more via PollMole, our new secret weapon for direct democracy, on a Presidential Dashboard that can drill down to individual Congressional districts and specific demographics. Good-bye fake news media, hello power to the people.

06 Debt Be Gone

Donald Trump came into office acutely aware of the sovereign debt. He was less aware of the fact that individual, family, and small business debt is three trillion dollars and rising. Now he understands that a Debt Renunciation Pledge at a non-profit website outside the government, one that empowers Donald Trump as an individual to renegotiate that debt, does two things: first, it give Donald Trump the specifics including the email address of every person opting in (say 100 million), and second, it allows Donald Trump to go to the banks and do what he has done so well for himself: renegotiate the debt. No President has ever connected to the public so directly. This is another game-changer.

07 Secure Communications for Everyone, NSA Dismantled by Executive Order

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on all US politicians (including Barack Obama since he was a junior Senator according to Russ Tice, NSA whistle-blower). There is a new technology that the Trump team used to good effect during the campaign, Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework (DEAF). It is said to be impervious to interception; does not “flag” the exchange as an encrypted exchange warranting deeper scrutiny, and installation on one device automatically extends to all other devices exchanging information with the host unit. I predict President Trump will abandon the existing “secure” communications architecture that has consumed trillions of dollars, and migrate the US Government to a commercially-based network where all communications public and private are protected. I further anticipate that NSA – which has no legislative charter – will be dismantled by Executive Order.

Robert David Steele is a former spy, the former second-ranking civilian for Marine Corps intelligence, and the champion for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and an Open Source Agency that can provide decision-support for everyone. He was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in January 2017. His personal web site is


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