Jan Oberg: Syria Atrocity — How Could They Be So Sure? French & CIA White Helmets are the Sources — Totally Compromised!

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Jan Oberg

TFF Live: US bombing Syria – How could they be so sure?

Phi Beta Iota: This latest chemical incident is in our view a false flag and our legitimate president is being lied to by our illegitimate secret intelligence community.  Our President, our White House, our Congress, and our secret intelligence community as well as the complicit media, are all in enemy hands. The name of that enemy: the Deep State. The US has no right to do anything in Syria. The time to close down NSA and suspect CIA operations world-wide — turn off the money — has come.

Phi Beta Iota: The most recent false flag situation in Syria is a “Bay of Pigs” moment for our legitimately-elected President who has been under siege by the Deep State since the moment he was accidentally elections. Robert Steele has offered to help for over sixteen months, but the same traitors that led Donald Trump into his various mistakes (adding more money to DoD, attacking Syria directly) have been filtering all attempts by sane responsible citizens to communicate with our President.


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