SPECIAL: Joe Burgett: Ivanka Trump Reportedly the One Behind President Trump’s Move to Bomb Syria

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Ivanka Trump Reportedly the One Behind President Trump's Move to Bomb Syria

With the recent bombing from the United States on Syria over chemical weapons, many found it to be strange that President Donald Trump made such a move, but according to a recent report, it seems his daughter Ivanka was behind the idea.

According to the New York Post, Ivanka Trump may have had an influence on the decision to bomb Syria without the congressional approval to do such. The Post would cite an article within their post on Ivanka from the Sunday Times of London. The article claimed a memo from Britain’s Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Kim Darroch, to Prime Minister Theresa May said that Ivanka Trump has “significant influence in the Oval Office.”

The memo also pointed out a tweet from Ivanka Trump which said she was “heartbroken and outraged by the images coming out of Syria following the atrocious chemical attack.” It was said by the New York Post that Ivanka was not the only one hurt by this, but father Donald Trump was too.

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Phi Beta Iota: We do not make this shit up. We can understand naive young adults falling for false flag photographs that the neoconservatives and their mainstream media sock puppets broadcast, but we cannot understand — the one time CIA gets it right and Mike Pompeo tells the President this is a false flag — Donald Trump being swayed in this fashion (he is smarter than  that). The situation is complicated by the evident treason of National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, who appears to be lying to the President. Despite deep reservations about all this by Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Mattis, and Steve Bannon, the influence of Ivanka Trump, Jared “shiksas don't count” Kushner, and McMaster as well as Petraeus behind the scenes — and of course all the neo-cons including Condi Rice and Bob Gates — appear to have “justified” an act of war not authorized by Congress. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Russians and Syrians both turned off their very sophisticated anti-missile defense systems and the target was an abandoned unoccupied airbase. Roger Stone's perspective is that this was intended to show that Trump was not “in bed” with the Russians and to shut the neocons and media up. The possibility that this was also a move of attempted genius by the president intended to lead to a Wednesday night massacre (12 April 2017) cannot be rejected. Steve Pieczenik puts the best face on it: a strong message to China and North Korea (with no actual damage to Russians or Syrians) — I find the “message” shallow and lacking in credibility. There is a great deal we do not know.  What we do know is that in this instance, Steve Bannon and Mike Pompeo shone brightly with integrity; Secretary of Defense Mattis was adequate but not stellar; Herbert McMaster may be an indictable traitor; Jared Kushner appears compromised; and Ivanka Trump — whose potential we consider substantive — was in way over her head. We pray she learns from this.

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