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I have worked with a number of whistleblowers who say that the USMC/DON recruits young marines and seamen for 20 and back assignments with a secret space corps that provides personnel for major corporations that have colonies on Mars.The earliest cases begin from 1976, which I note coincides with your recruitment into the USMC.

I am the author of two books that focus on secret space programs that have been Amazon.com best sellers, as well as author/editor of another eight books that deal exopolitics and international politics: Amazon.com: Michael Salla: Kindle Store

My personal website is exopolitics.org

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: My direct knowledge comes from people who are still active and still bound by secrecy agreements and I will say nothing further about this other than that I find Dr. Michael Salla's work to be at worst very intelligent reflection worthy of consideration, and at best one of three disclosures that could bring the US Government down. The other two are Deep State pedophilia and Satanic rituals including child murder that are practiced at the highest levels of the Executive and Congress, and false flag operations using Crisis Actors and mind-control patsies as well as DoD-controlled munitions (9/11 was Dick Cheney murdering 3,000 people to get his way) — when the public has a Pizzagate moment on all three of these, the Deep State is over and selected senior US Government representatives  and senior contractors will have to go into hiding to escape death at the hands of mobs. All of the terms below are deeply intertwined and boil down to the fact that just about everything we have been taught or told is a lie. A “great awakening” is upon us all.

Afterthought: here is a comment I made to a typically ignorant person who simply cannot get a grip and fell pray to the Media Matters misrepresentation of my remarks on the Alex Jones show.  Here also is an excellent 3 minute excerpt from the Alex Jones show by the Committee to Support the International Tribunal for Natural Justice where I am a Commissioner focused on the pedophilia project that includes a book.  This is the 3 minutes they don't want anyone to see and that is why the Mars attack was so quick and dirty.

You simply do not not know what you are talking about, nor do you read widely. First off, the hit job by Media Matters and others deliberately mis-represented my statement about kidnapped children being sent into space on long journeys — I said nothing about child sex slaves on Mars, and the other three aspects of child exploitation: sodomization and sex slavery (here on earth), ritual murder and terrorization, body parts and bone marrow harvesting, and finally, experimentation (both medical here on earth in black prisons or mind-control conditions, and in outer space through a combination of anti-aging and natural growth into maturity on long space journeys (beyond Mars, not just to Mars). Second off, I don't lie. I know people in these programs. I read widely. I am not going to apologize for putting something out there that your little mind cannot handle. You do not get to choose which truths you like, and you will eventually understand that reality bats last. The government has lied to us about EVERYTHING. The deep state, false flag murders, pedophilia, and extraterrestrials as well as the weaponization of food and medicine against the public are all part of what is about to come out — full disclosure is around the corner. You don't have to believe me, but it is very stupid to insult me just because you cannot wrap your mind around the possibilities. Here is just one source of information you probably will never read, but since I am not going to detail this any further myself, it is a starting point. You have to WANT to learn. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1?ie=UTF8&text=Michael+Salla&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Michael+Salla&sort=relevancerank and http://exopolitics.org/

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