Mongoose: Harvard Pretends to be Shocked – “US Political System Hijacked”

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Harvard Business School: The U.S. Political System Has Been ‘Hijacked’

A new case study by Harvard Business School asserts that U.S. politicians have rigged the system to such a degree that the U.S. is becoming a failed democracy. The authors of the case-study use the word ‘hijacked’ to describe what the political parties have done to governance in the United States.

Their election reform recommendations:

  1. Institute nonpartisan top-four primaries.
  2. Institute ranked choice voting with instant runoff in general elections.
  3. Institute nonpartisan redistricting.
  4. Rewrite debate access rules for presidential elections
  5. Run (centrist) independents at all levels.

Phi Beta Iota: Harvard, Yale, and Princeton as well as Stanford are among the primary academic foundations for the Deep State unchallenged power to lie about everything. A useful study that can be improved upon.

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