Yoda: Kim DotCom to Launch Alternative Internet

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‘By the people, for the people’: Kim Dotcom to launch alternative internet

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom says he will help facilitate an unobstructed internet, free from prying eyes, through MegaNet, which will operate without IP addresses. The German entrepreneur is currently resisting extradition to the US from New Zealand over alleged copyright infringement.

Dotcom, who believes the internet to be a new frontier of rough-and-tumble lawlessness like the Wild West, previously described his alternative internet idea as “indestructible, uncontrollable & encrypted”.

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Phi Beta Iota: The alternative autonomous Internet must give each individual the rights of anonymity, identity, privacy, and security.  The current internet was designed to help machines communicate with one another, in service to the state. The next Internet must be designed to augment human intelligence  and connect all humans to all information in all languages and mediums all the time — and provide the sense-making tools that Dell, IBM, HP, and Microsoft among others have refused to provide because they are in constant betrayal of the public trust and in violation of their long term fiduciary responsibilities (their collaboration with NSA in gutting their own security should have put all these CEOs in jail long ago).

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