#UNRIG Phase II — The Year of the Independent UPDATE 1

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

#UNRIG Phase II – The Year of the Independent

SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/UNRIG-II

Forthcoming in Independent Voter Network

UPDATE 1: http://tinyurl.com/UNRIG-JOIN now open. 435 groups, one for each Congressional District, twice as good as MeetUp at a quarter of the price.


Phase I of #UNRIG,[1] in which I teamed up with Cynthia McKinney to offer the provocative vision of an alt-right white guy and former spy and then non-profit educator united with an alt-left black woman and six-term Member of Congress who refused to sign the pledge to place Israel First, is over.[2] Our campaign was fatally wounded by #GoogleGestapo, a Deep State system of control and censorship that combined media hits jobs, MeetUp paid network cancellations, and hundreds of trolls who can get any person or institution labeled as a hater, spammer, or – the latest – purveyor of pornographic content. Read the article – it is the first-ever over-all description of “the system” that appears to be harmonized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on behalf of the Deep State.[3]

I have survived these attacks – what does not kill you makes you stronger – and am announcing today the beginning of Phase II of #UNRIG with a focus on making 2018 – and the election in November of 2018 – the year and the election in which Independents and small parties take down the two-party tyranny by electing no fewer than fifty Representatives and no fewer than ten Senators.

Cynthia McKinney, bless her soul, has my vote if she ever runs for anything. Right now she is staying in Bangladesh and continuing her full-time work as a PhD and professor in a business master’s program.

#UNRIG Lessons Learned in 2017

01 The Members and staff we reached believe they are not “authorized” to consider legislation that is outside the Committee assignments (this is not correct, any Member can introduce legislation on any topic), or they do not believe they need to listen to their constituents if they are not facing a challenger.

02 With many members of Congress resigning as the sealed indictments and public interest in elite pedophilia ramp up, 2018 could be the year in which Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform, and Independent candidates can get elected to Congress, and 2020 could be the first time a Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Reform or Independent can be elected as President, provided they announce a coalition cabinet, grand strategy, and balanced budget in advance and challenge the Democratic and Republican candidates to do the same.

03 Administratively, because of the treacherous misbehavior of the CEO of MeetUp, perhaps responding to direction from the ADL (the Zionist secret police in  the USA and the co-sponsor of the 1,087 #RESIST MeetUps for whom fees have been “waived”) I found we were spending too much time on the road to meet too few people. A balance needs to be struck (for example, I achieved one million views in the last ten days via four YouTube interviews and a few residuals).[4] In 2018 I am going to do much more in the YouTube realm and via Zoom conferencing with local groups. I also want to emphasize that my original vision was that #UNRIG and #RESIST would “meet up” and focus together on restoring integrity to our system. We should not be focusing on “divide and conquer” memes including those that question the legitimacy of our recent presidential election – we should be focused on coming together as a united 99% seeking to restore integrity to our election process and thus make possible evidence-based direct democracy.

Holiday Message – What You Can Do Now

You each have the power to form a transpartisan group in your respective Congressional Districts, and demand, now, that your Member host a townhall meeting during the holidays to discuss election reform. I have posted at UNRIG.Net an Action Plan[5] that will reach millions in 2018, in partnership with IVN, United Counties of America,[6] and the small parties if they are willing to set aside their partisan agendas.[7] Our goal is to have one Member introduce the Election Reform Act in Congress when Congress reconvenes in early January 2018 and demand nation-wide that the Act be passed in February.

Seven Step Plan for the Holidays and Beyond

STEP 1:  Organize by District centered on Independents and four small parties: Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform.

Create a group of at least twelve people.  See the graphic below for a sense of who to include.  This will be hard but it can be done.  Every group should be a visible manifestation of the rejection of the “divide & conquer” memes that the Deep State uses to fragment black from white, young from old, female from male, straight from gay, and beyond.  Each group should have at least one Independent, one member from each small party, one Sandernista, and one Tea Party “I hate the GOP” member.

STEP 2: Come together to discuss the Election Reform Act.

Technically an Act does not exist until it has been written and submitted by at least one Member into either the House of Representatives or Senate processes. #UNRIG has always been designed to show President Donald Trump why he has the most to gain — in bringing the 99% together — from himself taking over the leadership of #UNRIG and himself ordering the drafting of the Act and its submission to Congress as a Presidential leadership initiative.[8] If he will not do this, then it is up to all of you. All I can do is show you the seven steps.

Convene the citizenship leadership group, discuss the possibilities among yourselves — one from each party and demographic — and change it as you see fit. What you see below has been improved in the last few months by citizens — for example, I had no idea that Congressional Districts are allocated on the basis of all voting age people including illegal aliens and foreigners.  California would lose four seats in the House of Representatives if we only counted citizen voters when allocating Districts.

STEP 3: Bombard your Member with surface mail, emails, and phone calls.

Each of you, representing each party and each demographic and of course Independents all, write to your Member demanding that they host a town hall meeting to discuss election reform.

Download, refine as you please, each of the below three documents:

When you have them where you want them, bundle them up and bombard your member with at least 12 but ideally 144 copies from 144 different people of voting age in their district, taking great care to identify each person so that the Member understands that your group represents a much larger spectrum of eligible voters than the 26% or so that voted the Member in last time.

End each letter with a demand that they host a town hall meeting on election reform during the holidays, and that they sign the Integrity Pledge.

STEP 4: If they fail to immediately respond, send them a second letter with an explicit statement of intent.

Dear Member,

If you do not respond to our earlier request for a town hall meeting and your signature of the Integrity Pledge, we will do two things from this point forward:

  1. Start looking for a challenger we can all support to dismiss you from office in November 2018; and
  2. Raise the money to put a version of the below graphic, tailored to you, on the billboard nearest your office — we will ensure it makes the news.

An alternative to the above is below. Use this one if you cannot verify your Member’s blind support of the Zionist agenda. Both can also be turned into magnetic car door signs.  Do all this locally. I cannot be for or against any individual Member. I hold the copyright to both of these designs and grant unlimited unrestricted use to all of you. This is YOUR revolution.

STEP 5: Raise money — $5,000 should be enough.

This is your money to spend locally.  Earth Intelligence Network is a non-profit educational corporation and may not endorse nor campaign against any Member. This is on you. Billboards cost about $3,000 for one month, sometimes much less, and a banner costs about $1,000 and has the advantage of being re-usable, i.e. at rallies. FedEx Office among others is perfectly capable of creating the banners for you using the graphics above as a starting point.

STEP 6: Put the billboard up, hold a rally, invite the press, get it on YouTube and BitChute and Steemit.

Put the billboard up and then pick a good time to have a rally under the billboard, invite the press, and make sure this gets into the evening news. Video-tape it yourself, post it online and share, share, share. With or without the press, your video of the billboard and the rally is likely to go viral.

STEP 7: If the Member does not fold within the week, announce a challenger.

I consider the national-level “leaders” of the various parties to be out of touch with their Members and completely unwilling to consider imaginative ideas for breaking the back of the two-party tyranny. I tried to get the Green and Libertarian parties to collaborate for 2016 — the right joint ticket could have won if it had also announced a coalition cabinet and balanced budget three months in advance of election day, and challenged Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to do the same.

At the national level I am going to try to get all the small parties and Independents to come together in a summit to agree to collaborate in the consensual allocation of all 435 Congressional Districts to ONE challenger — the idea is that across the 435 Congressional Districts, each small party will have a fair share of districts where they are competitive, and Independents will be supported by all the small parties in Districts where there is no clear advantage for any one small party.

If I can identify one key person for each of 435 Congressional Districts willing to participate in such a summit, to be held in Denver, Colorado in late January I will show up.  Of course I will email and Zoom with anyone from any District.[9]

We hang together or we hang separately. It is time the 99% organize and learn how to take the power back. You can do this. You do not need me but I am here if you want to talk.

Timing –State by State Deadlines for Challenging the Incumbent

I personally believe that all states should have the same filing deadlines for federal elections – along with the same signature requirements as the two-party tyranny now enjoys. Right now the states are a mess. Below are the dates for the states with deadlines in the first six months of the year, with a tip of the hat to BallotPedia – see their online table for the rest.[10]

March: Texas (6), Illinois (20); May: Indiana (8), North Carolina (8), Ohio (8), West Virginia (8), Idaho (15), Nebraska (15), Oregon (15), Pennsylvania (15), Arkansas (22), Georgia (22), Kentucky (22); June: Alabama (5), California (5), Iowa (5), Mississippi (5) Montana (5), New Jersey (5), New Mexico (5), South Dakota (5), Maine (12), Nevada (12), North Dakota (12), South Carolina (12), Virginia (12), Colorado (26), Maryland (26), New York (26), Oklahoma (26), Utah (26).

A Sidebar on Pedophilia & Empire

I am a Commissioner on the elite pedophilia project of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, and helped nurture the book that is free online (cover below).[11]

I believe that 2018 will have three major transformative shocks to our political system:

01 The 1% will be on the run from a combination of sealed indictments (the most are in Indiana) and the publication of the book as well as growing denouncements by children who have survived the pedophilia and Satanic ritual and child harvesting networks – the TIME Cover is pathetic – the real story is when the fraction of the children that have survived and remembered – like Cathy O’Brien – are heard.[12]

02 The truth about 9/11, Dick Cheney’s role as the conductor of 9/11 on behalf of the Zionists, and the role of traitors within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), NSA, and the Departments of Defense and State, will be grasped by the public.

03 Zionism – not to be confused with Judaism – will hit STRIKES SEVEN, EIGHT, and NINE. The influence of Zionists over our bribed and blackmailed Congress and senior executives in the Executive as well as judges and celebrities, is coming to an end.

All of this means that the two-party tyranny, the enabler of the Deep State, is going down. This is the moment when Independents and small parties can unite to take back the power ethically, legally, and non-violently.

What I Will Do in 2018

My intent is to strike a balance between reaching millions via audio-visual interviews, engaging hundreds via 435 scheduled Zoom online meetings,[13] and being seen by and connecting face to face with thousands via a new RV tour to start no later than 1 March but possibly as early as 1 February.

I am going to attend the 12-14 January 2017 RV show at the Dulles Convention Center and am working with Camping World Manassas on a virtual trade-in of the old RV that was too noisy, too hot, and too unstable (did not have air springs). If MeetUp does not reinstate our program (free for a year as a penalty for their misbehavior) we will shift to Mobilize (Facebook Groups is not ready for prime time, we tried that).

Donations are needed – I have no other source of income (outside of Amazon, $6,000 a year for sales there that go to the non-profit). The IndieGoGo/Generosity #UNRIG campaign has been extended to December 2018.. Direct donations can always be made to the non-profit at http://bigbatusa.org/donate. Every donor gets a choice of the US or Global versions of the Founding Citizen Certificate, below is a sample of the US version.

I have in mind nurturing four conversations across America, ideally with the support of IVN and UCA as well as the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform parties at the national level as well as the local level. I will give this my best personal effort.

  • Conversation #1: Coalition Cabinet?
  • Conversation #2: Grand Strategy?
  • Conversation #3: Balanced Budget?
  • Conversation #4: Constitutional Integrity?
Robert David STEELE Vivas

God Bless America.

#UNRIG — an idea whose time has come.

What You Can With or Without Me: UNITE at the Local Level

I expect to be blown off by the Green and Libertarian Parties at the national level (but I will try hard to help them see this is all good and necessary) but am confident that at the local level you can each organize transpartisan action groups capable of executing the seven steps to Independence.  Just do it.

First the USA, then Global, then Cosmic

A lovely lady in The Netherlands downloaded the free earth ascending with flight rings and added #UNRIG. We are making this the second #UNRIG logo for polo shirts and low profile ball caps and will be paying for the embroidery design that will then be available free to any local embroidery shop so your only cost is the cost of the item to be embroidered and the embroidery, no design set-up cost. Please honor our effort to be a class act – no T-shirts.


Click below to join the 5,500 starting the 2nd American Revolution.



[1] #UNRIG is a trademark of Earth Intelligence Network (EIN), a national non-profit educational enterprise chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. First Use Anytime per Trademark Application April 26 2017; posted Manifesto to Amazon Kindle on 19 May 2017; opened IndieGoGo fund-raising site on 11 June 2017; created first page of unrig.net on 16 June 2017; Trademark application filed and paid for 7 September 2017.

[2] Robert Steele with Cynthia McKinney, “Former Representative and Intelligence Official Team Up to Unrig Elections,” Independent Voter Network, 26 September 2017.

[3] Robert, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017. The article has over 3,000 shares, it would be most helpful if IVN readers chose to share it with their personal networks.

[4] All of my major audio-visual interviews are free online; my print interviews and articles are also easily accessed, both at http://robertdavidsteele.com.

[5] Action Plan (Phase II), UNRIG.Net, undated, accessed 11 December 2017.

[6] This is an emergent network. Their website is http://unitedcountiesofamerica.com/.

[7] Once this article written especially for IVN) is published, this article will replace the Action Plan, at https://www.unrig.net/action-plan-phase-ii/.

[8] My first attempt to introduce the President to the importance of election reform as part of creating a vast transpartisan base superior to the 30% of the votes controlled by the two-party tyranny was Robert Steele, “Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win,” CounterPunch, August 14, 2015. I went on to publish the Trump Revolution Series at Amazon Kindle (all titles are also free online). My latest “Trump Triumph in 3 Moves,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 26 October 2017, has been read, I am told, by the President.

[9] Anyone who “claims” a Congressional District and sends me an email to robert.david.steele.vivas@gmail.com with eleven others cc’d and a roster that shows a diversity of Independents, small parties, and demographics, will qualify for a one hour Zoom session with me if desired.  You do not need me but I am here if you want to talk.

[10]Signature requirements and deadlines for 2018 U.S. Congress elections,” BallotPedia, no date, accessed 11 December 2017.

[11] Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State (Joachim Hagopian, 2017-2018), free online by the chapter and also as Amazon Kindle Shorts. Please donate to the author via his crowd-funding page at IndieGoGo or directly to him via PayPal.

I also collaborated with William Binney to send a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, copied to President Donald Trump, on 26 May 2017. We outlined how the Attorney General could tap into the 99% of the NSA data that has not been processed, to get to all of the emails and calls providing the names, dates, places, and cash amounts associated with elite pedophilia, treason, charity crime, and general banking fraud.  I believe that our President has it all, the sealed indictments are the tip of the iceberg, and the Deep State is on the verge of being neutralized.

[12] Cf. Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, TRANCE: Formation of America (Reality Marketing, 2005). My summary review is at SIX STARS The single most dangerous book in America today. Another book that is helpful to those wishing to understand the Deep State’s agenda on behalf of the 1% is Chris Thomas and Dave Morgan, Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy (Capall Bann Publishing, 2009). My summary review is at 6-Star Fundamental Reference on Extra-Terrestials, Illuminati, Free Masons, and the Satanic Deep State.

[13] Supra Note 9, “Anyone who.” I cannot engage in organizing local action groups, but I can provide generic guidance such as can be found at UNRIG.Net, and I can point to the one local activist that others can connect with. The spreadsheet with contact information will appear at the top of the Action Plan (Phase II) page at UNRIG.Net.

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